Revamp your second home - Workplace!!

Choosing colors is an art than a science.

Choosing colour of your office/work place paint is an art not a science. Now paint manufacturers are offering paints as per the space usage for office/workplace. There are various options of paints color available in the market.

Percy Jijina

Office is where we spend our time; for a moment hours that are spent are more than at home. Your surroundings affect your mood and choosing the right color; colours that are non-stimulating will help you in encouraging your mood and work in those stressful moments.

Some colors that affect your situation and mood in office:

Orange colour energizes and brings to mind excitement, creativity and happiness. You can take advantage of this colour and it would be valuable to those who need to stay peppy and energetic throughout the day. Orange vitalizes, inspires and creates enthusiasm.

For neutral coloured walls Beige or cream coloured walls are easy to complement with furnishing and décor, they are soothing and cool colours for office spaces of all sizes.

Even a lackluster color like Grey is great choice for your office space, it can be co-ordinated with colours like brown, black and white easily. It can also be coordinated with accessories of brighter shades, and it would not trigger any strong emotions as it doesn't attract attention, allowing the other colours to take prominence. So you can cleverly use grey color and use other dazzling shades of colour to co-ordinate it.

To stay composed, a pale blue color would help to stay attentive and helpful for longer duration. If you have dark blue décor you can decorate your space easily with accessorizes in colours like navy blue frames, vase or small teddies or cartoon characters you like. The colour blue indicates responsibility and reliability. It reduces tension and fear.

If you are in a creative field, different shades of Magenta can spark, ignite and keep you motivated. It contains the shade of purple, red and pink and is a rich and powerful colour. It encourages common sense and a balanced outlook. A combination of red and violet, magenta contains the passion, power.

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For Workaholics Olive is the best colour to support your energy level. It's slightly dark and rich, natural, and could complement with black, brown coloured décor.

Ever thought, a brighter shade of Red adds to your office space. The space would give you energetic feeling and stimulate you physically. If you want to be more productive, it's an apt colour to boost your energy levels.

Ever thought why sticky notes come in Yellow?? That's because Yellow is considered a memorable color, it is also good for your concentration and self esteem, you can always choose yellow and try and balance it with a shade of grey or dark blue.

Turquoise plays a very important role at the work place as it symbolizes open communication and clarity of thoughts. Turquoise helps to open the lines of communication. It presents as a friendly and happy colour enjoying life. You need to be cheerful at your work place, and it helps you to open up.

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