The third-largest wall putty producer in India and a global exporter
The third-largest wall putty producer in India and a global exporter, Walplast is committed to contributing to India’s infrastructure development by improving the Quality & Performance of Building Materials and Solutions that guarantee safety, smoothness, and an alluring appearance. This has been further demonstrated with the launch of the company’s “3S Advantage” advertisement for HomeSure Wall Putty on digital media.

India’s advancing infrastructure and building materials industries reflect the country’s unrelenting march towards progress. The National Infrastructure Pipeline (NIP), an ambitious plan that seeks to invest an astounding $1.4 trillion in infrastructure projects over the next five years, serves as the foundation for the goal. This ambition involves more than just erecting physical structures; it also entails laying a solid basis for future generations’ sustainability and economic growth.

Important stakeholders in the sector are playing a crucial role in defining this change as the country sets its sights on a future characterized by sustainable growth and modernization. Among these pioneers stands Walplast Products Pvt. Ltd., a dynamic force that is not only contributing to India’s infrastructure vision but also redefining the standards of excellence in the building material sector.

Founded in 2004 by visionary Mr. Ashok Mehta, Walplast has grown to become a prominent player in the building materials industry. Its 25 strategically located manufacturing units and cutting-edge R&D Labs are a testament to its commitment to excellence and innovation. The company’s philosophy extends beyond just profit; it is dedicated to enhancing the very system of Indian construction through its range of top-notch products.

Walplast Products
Through its commitment to providing superior building materials, following sustainable practices, and innovative technologies, Walplast is not only improving the performance of building materials but is contributing towards more resilient buildings and structures.

Kaushal Mehta - Managing Director, Walplast Products

HomeSure Wall Putty’s new campaign offers the ‘3S Advantage’ Suraksha Chikni, Chamakti Deewaron Ki
The company’s latest campaign for HomeSure Wall Putty aims to redefine the industry narrative with a distinct “3S Advantage” – Suraksha, Chikni, Chamakti Deewaron Ki. At the heart of the campaign lies the exceptional attributes of HomeSure Wall Putty: Smooth, shiny walls and a safe environment for families.

This campaign not only positions HomeSure as a pioneering brand but also aims to impact consumers’ lives by offering them a product that guarantees exceptional results and long-lasting solutions.

However, the campaign doesn’t stop at showcasing product attributes; it extends into the realm of education and empowerment. Interactive quizzes, expert insights, and captivating digital video content collectively empower consumers to make informed decisions about their building solutions.

The campaign delivers its message through a visually compelling narrative in the form of a musical jingle that not only captures attention but also emphasizes the efficiency and effectiveness of the HomeSure Wall Putty product. The tonality of voice used in the campaign resonates with influencers and consumers alike, creating a bridge between the brand and its audience.

This campaign reaffirms Walplast’s dedication to delivering superior building materials and sets new industry benchmarks that aim to inspire and educate the audience, ultimately transforming their living spaces, making them aesthetically pleasing, durable, and long lasting.