Walplast Products Pvt. Ltd., a leading entity in the building materials industry, has unveiled its latest innovation, the ‘MasterTouch Vivid Emulsions.’ Leveraging its extensive expertise in maintaining 12 million square feet of walls annually through its highly popular wall putty range, Walplast has taken yet another stride in redefining walling solutions with this groundbreaking addition to its renowned paint brand, ‘Homesure MasterTouch.’

a leading entity in the building materials industry

The ‘MasterTouch Vivid’ line extends the legacy of Homesure MasterTouch by introducing two variants: the MasterTouch Vivid Exterior Emulsion and MasterTouch Vivid Interior Emulsion. These cutting-edge products promise superior quality, endurance, and aesthetics, setting new benchmarks in the wall painting industry.

Tailored to meet the diverse needs of homeowners, professional painters, and businesses, MasterTouch Vivid Emulsions cater to both interior and exterior painting projects. These water-based emulsions are crafted to reduce environmental impact compared to conventional solvent-based coatings and have low volatile organic compound (VOC) content that enhances indoor air quality while minimising health and environmental hazards.

Walplast Products
As the Indian paint and coating industry continues to surge, and is anticipated to reach an impressive one lakh crore in the next five years, we are confident that Walplast MasterTouch Vivid Emulsions, with their aesthetically strong and sustainable properties, will emerge as the first choice of architects, interior designers, and real estate developers.

Kaushal Mehta, MD, Walplast Products

They are free of flammable components and heavy materials such as lead, mercury, chromium, and zinc, making them highly safe and sustainable. Their formulation delivers a luxurious, velvety matte finish with exceptional opacity, casting a radiance in interior spaces. Furthermore, these emulsions provide superior weatherproof coating for exterior walls, ensuring lasting protection against the elements. Offered as a single white base, MasterTouch Vivid Emulsions can be expertly tinted and customised to myriad colours to suit enabling homeowners to personalise their spaces.