Arun Sharma

Aluplast On Expansion Drive

In India, most houses still have wooden or aluminium windows and doors, and the uPVC windows and doors market is highly unorganised. Only in a few metropolitan cities like Delhi NCR, Bangalore, etc, uPVC has been replacing wood and aluminium. However, the Indian uPVC market
Ankit Pandey

Euradif Strengthens IndiaTies

In India, door and window systems from Europe date more than 10 years now, and in recent years, the acceptance amongst buyers in India has grown even more. The success of European system providers and fabricators tells us that there is an increasing orientation of Indian buyers
Ashim Chugh

LGF Sysmac on Growth Path

With over a decade in the Indian market, Delhi-based LGF Sysmac has been setting standards in quality, service, and technology upgradation, with its state-of-the-art machinery for working on aluminium and uPVC profiles, panel saws for composite panels, thermal break machinery
V S Rajan

GEZE Upbeat on Growth Opportunities

The Indian market has grown substantially with respect to acceptance of latest technologies especially in fenestration systems. Awareness has been created by leading manufacturers considering the long-term benefits with respect to energy savings, safety
Mario Schmidt

Lingel’s India– Specific Offers

India has taken a leap in the fenestration product technology. Use of alternate materials like uPVC and aluminium instead of traditional wood, not only furthers green initiatives but reduces cost in the long-run. This is surely very significant for the growth
Harish Gupta

Facade Planning & Execution

Tall buildings need sustainable and responsive facades to last a long time. Facades define a building and the taller the building the more unique it needs to be as it stands out as a pinnacle in the middle of urban space. The design needs to be unique and sustainable
Mohiyuddin Ashfaq

MAK Plywood’s Pan India Plans

Mohiyuddin Ashfaq, Director, MAK Plywood Industries, a leading timber trading and manufacturer of plywood in South India, discusses the company's highly successful 8-year-old premium plywood Trojan brand, new products in the pipeline, and its active expansion drive across the country
S Mahesh Anand

Nippon Paint’s Eco+ Colour Strategy

Nippon Paint India currently the 5th largest manufacturer in the Indian Paint Industry which is estimated to be worth Rs.37,000 crore and growing at a CAGR of around 11%. The company, whose strength lies in its extensive R&D and focus on producing eco-friendly paints,
M Selvarasu

Integrated Approach to Greening

Architects, Clients, and Green Building Consultants should work closely during the conceptual design phase to have a common vision about the end product. In the ever evolving building materials market, it is rather not hard to find innovative sustainable products that go into the building
Ridhvika Chawla, Director Marketing, Hacker Kitchens

Hacker Kitchen – A commitment growing stronger

"The strength of the Hacker brand lies in sound logistics to ensure timely delivery, precision product manufacturing, design and installation training backed by efficient after sales support. These features go a long way in building a satisfied customer base," says Ridhvika Chawla,
Rohin Ramchandani

Indian Kitchen Industry On a Bull Run

With a deep understanding of the demands and peculiar needs of the Indian consumer, several players in the kitchen space are customizing their product offerings. Increased competition in the industry is also narrowing down the price gap between Indian and European brands Rohin Ramchandani, Director, Grandeur,
Ankleshwar Nanchahal

Tinny Crafts offers high on quality, easy to install, and cost effective Porta Cabins

With a successful track record of over 2 decades, TINNY CRAFT is a proficiently managed group of skilled professionals, striving towards one common goal of delivering value through its customized products and services. The company has emerged as a leader in the prefab sector by delivering successful fabrications
H R Shukla Accura Polytech

Enztech-Accura Introduces Sarvadhaar Prefab Modular Eco–Toilet

Today, India is working towards the goal of proper sanitation to achieve open defecation free country. Established with the mission of 'Saver our soil, prosper our future' Enztech Green Technologies has developed innovative Enzymes for the disposal of sewage waste and proper sanitation to achieve open defecation
S Narayanan

Fiem: "We have brought down the price of LED bulb to an affordable low, setting a benchmark for the industry."

Fiem Industries Limited (FIEM) is a wholly India-based company engaged primarily in the business of manufacturing various types of auto components and later on diversified in to LED luminaries. The Company offers automotive Lighting and signalling equipment, rear view mirror Assembly, plastic moulded parts & sheet metal
Ms. Sharmila Kumbhat, Director, K-Lite

“We will continue to explore the mysteries of light allowing lifestyles to become better and better.”

Light creates infinite possibilities for our imagination and for our lives, and therefore, we shouldn't have to have a mundane approach to lighting. Chasing this dream about lighting, K-Lite started a long journey of innovation in lighting products, way back in late 1970's. With this belief that light allows to realise the possibilities