Leena Kumar, IGBC-IIID Green Interiors Conference

Changing Mindsets For Green Interiors

"As a designer it is our responsibility to guide and change the mindset and promote responsible and relevant practices," says Ar. Leena Kumar, Convenor, IGBC-IIID Green Interiors Conference, Mumbai. The IIID was established in 1972, and we have grown ever since. We have over 6000 members
Ravi Kant Malhan, Schneider Electric India

Schneider Electric Delivers Urban Efficiency

Schneider Electric with its rich basket of offer from products to solutions, integrated state-of-the-art software and immense experience in the domain of Smart Cities, is uniquely positioned to support the vision of the Government and make it a reality. Mr. Ravi Kant Malhan, Director-Head Business Development
H.R. Shukla, Accura Polytech Pvt. Ltd.

Accura develops user-friendly uPVC fenestration products

"Accucel aims to develop user-friendly, hassle free methods and profile designs for fabrication and installation of uPVC fenestration products to achieve long lasting and maintenance free quality. We foresee huge market potential for fenestration as realty market will boom shortly after formation
Alik W. Theophilus, Onnal

Onnal Specializes in Offering Industry Specific, Cost-effective & Customized PEB Solutions

"Over the years, the need for faster construction, cost-efficiency and superior aesthetics has reinforced the emergence of pre-engineered building systems (PEB). An increased focus toward environmentfriendly green construction is also driving the growth of PEB. The low penetration rate of just ~30%
Geeta Kewalramani, Kimaya Designs

Functionality and Sustainability is a Way of Life

Ms Geeta Kewalramani, Founder of Kimaya Designs, is a renowned Kitchen designer who considers herself a blend of 3 countries, cultures and designs, having worked extensively in India, Caribbean and Canada, each with its own unique lifestyle and flair. During an interview with Maria R, she explained
IS Narula, Ishanya

Ishanya: Novel concepts

With over 50 stores open, Ishanya offers very wide choices right from the truly price competitive to the ultradesigner league. Ishanya is emerging as a pan-India platform for architects, designers, manufacturers, consumers and also the arts and culture community.
Kejriwal, Sonear

Sonear Infusing Innovation & Vitality in Veneer and Laminates Industry

Sonear has emerged as one of the organized players and leaders in the plywood, veneer and laminate segment and enjoys a healthy market share in the infrastructure and the fashion space with its innovative interior décor product. "Known for infusing innovation and vitality in the Veneer and Laminate
Renu Misra, GROHE India

GROHE: Unveiling the New Face of Wellness

As a result of extensive research and development, GROHE has developed kitchen and bathroom faucets and fittings which are lead-free and corrosion-resistant. This technology has been one of the cornerstones of GROHE's success in India. Lead is replaced by harmless metals like copper, ensuring unpreced
Arvind Nanda, Gautam Suri, Interarch

Interarch - The First Mover in PEB

Interarch's first manufacturing facility was setup at Greater NOIDA, Uttar Pradesh, and is one of India's first pre-engineered building manufacturing facilities. It was set up in early 2000; Interarch Unit 1 is one of the most efficient manufacturing facilities producing more than 30,000 MT per annum of buildings
S A Ahmed, ZAK Trade Fairs & Exhibitions Pvt. Ltd.

Knock! Knock! Knock! Opportunities are knocking aplenty

The Indian Fenestration market which includes windows, facades and doors, has seen the emergence of hi-tech technology driven and custom made solutions in the last decade. This sector is on an upward growth and will also witness a surge in growth in the years to come. The growth for the windows
Gaurav Agarwal, SATEC Envir Engineering

Satec Envir Engineering: A Classic Supplier of PEBs Steel Structures

Satec Envir Engineering, a renowned name in prefabricated and pre-engineering building materials commands years of expertise in providing engineering solutions and is currently one of the leading players spearheading the green building revolution in the country. The company has set up its state-of-the-art
Paresh R. Kothari, Kotharis Cabins

Kotharis: The maker of world class portable cabins

Porta Cabins are manufactured from Hot Press Moulded GRP Panels to make them tough and easy to install requiring no special tools with scope of increasing capacity just by adding mire panels to the existing ones. Ensuring foolproof quality the panels undergo rigorous and tough testing exercise
Ashim Chugh, LGF SYSMAC

LGF SYSMAC: Delivers Quality Products & Service Solutions

The Indian glazing industry has been expanded many folds in the past decade resulting in increased demand for ventilation within a building. "The hardware solutions provides help in achieving a balanced ventilated environment which overall improves the comfort level of the occupants alongside ensuring
Rahul Rajgaria, Pentagon Tapes

Pentagon Tapes: Makes waves in growth volumes

Adding value to the product, the tapes are designed specifically for bonding to different applications and surfaces like metals, glass & plastics as a result of which UHP tapes reduce holes to drill, screws to tighten and lessen the need to refinish surfaces and time-consuming clean up. Moreover, the burgeoning infrastructure
Ashutosh Shirodkar, 3M India Ltd.

For 3M “Going Green” Is A Culture That We Are Living in

"The most radical shift that the glazing industry in India witnessed in the last decade has been a shift to a bonding system based on Pressure Sensitive Adhesive Technology (PSAT) which speeds up fabrication many fold, yet develops very strong and durable bonds. The words "Green" and "Sustainable" are buzz words