Merits of uPVC

Merits of uPVC

There is rising trend in use of uPVC as fenestration material over traditional ones like aluminum, PVC, steel, and wood. Reasons such as affordability, higher security, weather resistance and other such factors have resulted in a growing market for uPVC windows and doors. uPVC has
The Feel-Good Factor

The Feel-Good Factor

Presently, since the Government is also stressing on healthcare and infra projects, requirement for HVAC for hospitals is on the rise. Large hospitals have total central systems, while small healthcare units have hybrid arrangement of VRF and chillers for OTs and ICUs. Similarly
Custom Create Doors & Windows

Custom Create Doors & Windows

Custom Create Doors & Windows Aluminium has a long lifespan and lasts for years without showing much wear and tear. The material stands up well to weather extremes yet retains its shiny look. If you live in areas that have high humidity or experience a lot of rain, it is best to select aluminium
Beyond The Four Walls

Beyond The Four Walls

There is a fundamental change in attitude toward the traditional office format as co-working as an alternate workspace concept catches the fancy of both medium and large organizations. According to Ramesh Nair, CEO & Country Head, JLL India, co-working is a disruptive business
Roofing Shingles for Sloped Roofs

Roofing Shingles for Sloped Roofs

Increase in awareness about multi-comfort living environment and sustainable design has spurred architects and builders to experiment with new ideas and novel roofing solutions. Roofs, today, are designed not only to be strong and watertight, but also to be lightweight yet sturdy
Ar. Harish Gupta

Ar. Harish Gupta shares his views on fenestration and the challenges posed in high rise buildings

High rise buildings unlike other small height structure have to deal with high wind velocity, high intensity rain water due to wind and structural movement due to height. Due to this, the specifications of the fenestration and the method of installation goes through a drastic change, which adds to cost and time
Naresh Maheshwari

Value For Money Flooring

Choice of flooring is one of the most important decisions when it comes to home improvement. When selecting any type of flooring, consider the price, lifecycle, maintenance requirements, and durability. Laminate floors offer value for money because they look good, they last, and are affordable
Sapna Khakaria Gohili

New construction technologies like prefab, PEB, and drywalls, are the future

Sapna Khakaria, Director Design, ANJ Group, completed her G D Arch from the Academy of Architecture (IND) and went on to excel in her master’s programme in design from Savannah College of art and design (USA). From boutique and star hotels to high-rise complexes, offices and private residences, she brings her
Gautam Suri, Interarch Building Products Ltd

The PEB Advantage

The market for steel construction is growing exponentially in India with consumers opting for new-age technologies as well as the need for rapid infrastructure development to match the economic growth of the country. The advantages of having a steel structure or building over a concrete one are far too many
Amit Chakrabarti, Saicon Hardware

SAICON aims to offer Quality Products with Maximum Affordability

With a dedicated R&D center in Kolkata, SAICON is constantly developing new products for fenestration market and exporting them to over 42 countries across the world. "We have started our journey with a Portable Welding machine and in a short span of time, forayed into various other verticals of uPVC window & doors
Ashim Chugh, LGF Sysmac

LGF Sysmac Sets New Standards

LGF Sysmac owes its success to its ability to address customer-specific needs by delivering products and services that meet the quality, safety, and price aspirations of its customers without compromising on aesthetic. The company is continuously developing its systems, forecasting the market growth and demand, says
Jimmy Mistry

Jimmy Mistry - Della Adventure Resort and Spa, Mumbai

Three dimensional (3D) computerised designs will extend to manufacturing of new gen materials and products. More straight lines, slimmer structures having the ability to take organic shapes, interesting use of clay in multiple colours and finishes, innovative use of steel and glass for balconies and elevations, are some of the trends
Prasoon Shrivastava

Helpmebuild - Online-Offline Interaction

Bringing the construction industry closer home to the end-users are social platforms such as Helpmebuild that enable a homeowner to select designs and materials, visualise the end product, and choose the architect for the project. "The architecture & construction (79Bil$+) and home décor (20bil$+) market combined
Shreekant-Abhishek Somany

Flooring Options

"With sustainability as a backdrop, there is a significant increase in options, variety, and technological advances for flooring application including Hardwood, Carpet, Resilient, and Concrete," Shreekant Somany (CMD) & Abhishek Somany (MD), Somany Ceramics. Hardwood flooring still enjoys a legion of fans in the commercial
Navarun Sen

Century Ply: Giving Expression to Modern Lifestyles

Earlier, furniture life was 15-20 years, but nowadays, we are seeing the life of furniture being reduced to 7-8 years. Increasing number of nuclear families, working couples, influence of social media, rising need for architects and designers to make the limited living/working space more comfortable, beautiful and practical