Anil Tyagi, Mikasa Floors Greenlam Industries Ltd

"We need to work closely with the specifiers"

Flooring has been becoming an important factor to define the standard of living for the new-age owners, especially in residential segment. Accordingly, it has started gaining attention of the real estate developers, who are using it as a popular tool to attract customers for their respective projects.
K R Shivshankar, Inovar Floors India Pvt Ltd

“The market needs good products meeting both the functionality and the beauty”

There is wealth of home flooring options available for every room of new homes. Which type of flooring is best, depends on where it has to be applied and what kind of traffic it will take. Of course, the selection criteria get limited by the available budget. However, it won't be wrong to mention that the surge
Ashok Advani, ARTECRAFT International

ARTECRAFT International - sets trends in the interior industry

"ARTECRAFT International" is a wood working company established in 1985 and has been manufacturing Exclusive Furniture & Doors by qualified Partners in Mumbai, India to serve domestic & international customers. The prerogative of our company is production of models in a wide range of custom designs,
Puneet Khanna, Supertech (India) Pvt Ltd

"PEB Industry has A Bright Future Ahead"

The journey of Pre-Engineered Building (PEB) industry in India has been remarkable over the years. In the year 2000, when we started our PEB operations, this concept was not well known in the country. Though, it is said that the PEB industry is still in its infancy but,
Venugopal Koka, SABIC

"We work with industry leaders in all parts of the LED lighting value chain..."

As the Indian government pushes for increased adoption of LEDs to reduce energy consumption, manufacturers are seeking high-performance materials that enable them to develop long-lasting LED lamps and fixtures that are more energy efficient than the technologies currently available.
Pau Abello, Roca Bathroom Products Pvt. Ltd.

"We are known for our technological prowess – be it products or processes"

Complying strictly with the European Quality Norms across the globe and also the requirements for the preservation of nature, all production processes at Roca aim to provide sustainable solutions for humanity. Roca has always recognised that water is a fundamental force binding all lives in a symbiotic
Saket Jain, Fenesta Building Systems

"It is worth noting that windows can contribute up to 20% to 40% in reducing energy losses,"

The window industry has started evolving over the last decade. Earlier windows were perceived to be mere apertures for ventilation and sunlight and used to be made of Wood or Aluminum. Today, with growing awareness, the aesthetics of windows has become very important,
Mario Schmidt, Lingel Windows Systems

"Quality workmanship is the key differentiator,"

Fenestration has undergone a drastic revamp all over the world, and the trends are fast catching up in India as well. Apart from wood, doors and windows are now available in alternate technological configurations such as uPVC, aluminium, and in some cases, a blend of these technologies.
Anant Sahay, Shree Bhoomi Constructions Co.

SBDECO: Decorative Concrete Carries Big Biz Potential

"Once percieved to be a dull looking product, concrete has now started getting recognized as a decorative or architectural product. Design flexibility, aesthetic, durability, life time cost, and customisation being the key attributes which are adding to the growth of this product,”
Alberto Bertamino, Toffini Srl

Toffini: Redefining the Kitchen Concept

Toffini creates very high quality kitchens with a distinct, innovative and highly functional design, using rare and precious material. We combine industrial technology with the experience of traditional craftsmen to whom we entrust both the finishing of our kitchens and the customization requested by our clients
Mary Maksemos, Mary Maksemos Design

Promoting New Technologies & Practices

"As designers it is our responsibility to educate and guide the clients on new technology in materials and appliances and allow them to discover how the space can improve their lives, functions, and experiences every day. Moreover, it is our duty to change the mindset and promote relevant products, designs
Sushil Jain, Balaraka Fabricon Pvt. Ltd.

“We give the new altitude to the Construction Industry with Our innovative solutions,”

The name "BALARKA FABRICON" represents design, engineering & fabricon of mechanical machines and structures. We established Balarka in 2009 and started manufacturing Over Head Cranes (OHC), Transmission Line Towers and Heavy Power Plant Structures.
Arun Madappallath, Serge Ferrari

Serge Ferrari Upbeat on Better Biz Potential in India

"Serge Ferrari has always been the leader in development of technological products. In its quest for more innovative and advanced products, the company has recently come up with the latest innovation in the composite coated textiles industry and introduced a new fabric called PRECONTRAINT TX30
Leroy Putran, Hafele Kitchens

“Ergonomics Make Kitchen Working More Simplistic and Effortless”

Ergonomics focuses on the relationship between human beings and the functional elements of a system. Kitchen ergonomics deals with how kitchen design has adapted to make working in a kitchen more simplistic and effortless per se yet rendering an exclusive signature appreciating the value of the realty.
Clara Puskas

Clara Puskas: There is nothing like the Indian Interior Design

Working on the philosophy of 'Less is More' which according to Clara Puskas, a certified sustainability professional and award winning designer of Toronto, is an old-term, and perhaps a little over-used, but when it is practised rightly, it creates a truly sustainable design.