Rishi Gupta
Kolf International Pvt Ltd – the architectural hardware supplier under the brand names Kolf and Safex – has recently augmented its portfolio by adding a few new products. One of these is the Frameless Glass Railing System wherein there is no need to cut or create hole in the glass. Instead, the glass is easily fixed in between the two channels - bottom and top.

Elaborating about this new system, the company's Director, Mr Rishi Gupta said, "This mess-free system is too easy to install as it requires no special tools thereby reducing on installation cost. Using a locking mechanism of high strength aluminium and PVC isolators, the exclusive design enables the system to be easily adjusted and readjusted if required at the time of installation. This is suitable for balconies, terraces, staircases, landing, and other indoor & outdoor areas. We have developed this product to match the contemporary trend of the modern architectures."

Speaking on the latest trends, Mr Gupta said, "As far as new trend is concerned, we try following what has been prevailing globally, especially in the West. And to keep us updated on this front, we keep visiting various trade shows across the globe. Besides, we do have quite a few specifiers in our clientele. We have a team of executives that keeps meeting architects and builders from time to time. In these meetings, we introduce our new offerings to them and also take their feedbacks to help ourselves in re-designing and developing further new products."

KOLF Frameless Glass Railing Systems

Kolf manufactures and imports highly advanced array of architectural hardware. They have products for all the segments including residential, hospitality, offices, hospitals, and airports. "Given the high safety standards at places like airports, all the products are designed and developed innovatively as per the international guidelines on quality," said Mr Gupta.

He informed that as a supplier, the company sources most of the products from China, and customize these products to match the local needs. "We are very-much capable of delivering products to meet the specific needs of a particular project. This is apart from general improvement that we keep doing as and when required. For example, we have recently added a groove in the top rail channel of sliding glass door hardware systems. This groove helps in fixing up of the rollers' path to facilitate a smoother door movement," explained Mr Gupta.