Sanjay Loya

Says Mr. Sanjay Loya, Executive Director, Loya Pre-Engineered Buildings Pvt Ltd

How do you foresee the growth in the PEB industry in coming years?
With the new government having taken charge and renewed optimism across the country, we anticipate to see economy to revive with expected GDP growth of 7-8%. Moreover, we are also foreseeing at least 8-10% growth in PEB segment in coming years. India is a cost-sensitive market and the initial higher cost barrier is one of the reasons for lower uptake of PEB.

Going forward, do you feel that PEB construction could be made more affordable and would be preferred for low cost housing option?
Yes, we do, in coming years, PEB will be more affordable as compared to conventional structure as saving in time, quality and convenience is also vital for any project which other conventional method can't compete.

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We can see from the reports that India had a shortage of 18.8 million urban housing units with rural housing estimated to be much higher. Hence, we feel that PEB can emerge as a preferred mass market low cost housing option in near future but it will take time, as mindset has to be changed.

Does the PEB industry expect some kind of policy-push from the government and local bodies?
We from PEB Industry expect relaxation in excise duty fully/partially as volume is very high and from local bodies entry taxes to give boost to this sector.

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What is Loya PEB's future business strategy?
Best Quality at competitive rate and prompt after sales Service are our USPs. Timely completion and professional execution are the hallmark of the company. We believe in delivering on our commitments. This is why our clients reward us with so much repeat business as over 70% of our projects come from existing clients who have confidence in our ability to meet their expectations without compromising on quality.

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Tell us about few of Loya PEB's recently executed projects in India?
Pre-engineered Building is an eco-friendly solution. We, at Loya Pre-engineered Buildings Pvt. Ltd, a pre-engineered steel buildings manufacturing company in a short span of 6 years have built over 3.5 million square feet of buildings at various locations in India and abroad - over 250 projects representing a wide variety of structures and virtually every type of industry. Some of our recently executed projects are:
  1. Gujarat, Ahmedabad 14.75Mtr High Building with 18.0Mtr clear span Mezzanine For M/s Ekdant Moulders
  2. Madhya Pradesh, Indore, Multi-span with High Bay / Low Bay & Mezzanine @ 55000 Sq. Feet for Badve Engineering Limited, Pritampur MIDC
  3. Andhra Pradesh, Karimnagar, Multi Span godawn building of 50000 Sq. Feet & many more...pls log on