Techno Green Enterprises is a Sister Concern of Techno Green PVC Pvt. Ltd, having its fabrication unit for making uPVC Windows & Doors and other Integral Foam PVC Products in Odisha. In a quest for most durable solution for the growing demand of Colour Concept in the building construction industry, Mr. Dharam Singh Neogi, Managing Director of the company found a more acceptable coating solution 'AquaSurTech OEM' which helps to add value to one's products while meeting a growing consumer demand for color in the window and door industry.

AquaSurTech Coating Solution
The forces of nature impose special demands on coating systems especially intended for window and door applications. AquaSurTech OEM's answer to these challenges is a series of AAMA tested environment-friendly, waterborne coatings which incorporate hardness along with flexibility, heat reflectance, and excellent color/gloss retention.

In addition, AquaSurTech OEM will provide your company with all the necessary assistance in equipment selection, start-up and training to ensure you deliver a cost effective, high quality color offering for your PVC, Aluminum and Fiberglass applications.

Having detailed discussions about these Water-Based Products with Michael Braeuel, President, AquaSurTech OEM, Mr. Neogi found a perfect solution to this chronic problem in the tropical climatic conditions in the country and decided not only to use the same in his own Fabrication Unit but also agreed further to fulfill the wishes of Mr. Michaell Braeual to market this product in the Indian subcontinent as a whole with its Brand Name as AquaSurTech thereof.

D-200 Coating

AquaSurTech OEM's D-200 was created for the coating of lineal extrusions (predominantly vinyl) for the Fenestration Industry. The mechanical properties of D-200 are such that a coated surface can withstand the processing through an automated or semi-automated production line.

D-200 represents a very large step forward in the development of water based coating technology in general. With an exceptionally low VOC (volatile organic compound) of less than 20 grams per liter, or 2.5 ounces per gallon, D-200 is decades ahead of even the most aggressive environmental standards anywhere in the world.

The continued use of Inorganic Pigments provides exceptional heat reflectance along with unparalleled long-term color/gloss retention. D-200 produces bonds as good as high solvent coatings, while offering a safer environment, superior performance and color retention. It is produced by "reacting in" high performance. Most coatings are produced by combining a commercially available resin with a series of additives. D-200's high performance is created by reacting (under high temperature and pressure) over 25 ingredients to create one single molecular structure.

In the PVC Window industry, the introduction of interior wood grains (normally in the form of laminates) has created both a lead time and inventory headache for many fabricators. A practical JIT method of producing an attractive wood looks will not only reduce inventories but it can expand the potential choice offered to the consumer.

Other materials like cellular PVC and some composites are also sensitive to heat build up and cannot be finished with standard products. In many cases they are sold at a premium by virtue of their maintenance free characteristics. These materials require high performance maintenance free finish for both solid colours (AquaSurTech) and wood grain looks.