Miele Kitchens: Amalgamation of Style & Utility

Miele Multiple Appliances Brilliant White

Rana Pratap Singh
Mr. Rana Pratap Singh
Managing Director, Miele India
Miele is world renowned for its cutting-edge technology and sleek functioning meant primarily to bring about hassle-free household operations, with a touch of luxury. Starting as a company to smoothen out daily chores and easing lives of women in Germany back in the 1800s, Miele introduced the first washing machine ever with a promise that there will be no requirement of getting its parts or machinery serviced, and hence evolved a brand that still lives up to its promise and motto 'immer besser' which means forever better in English.

As a tradition, Miele has always come up with innovations and thus novelties which are in sync with the times or rather futuristic at times. Foreseeing future needs and trends, predicting consumer behaviour and adapting the same in latest inventions have thus become part and parcel of Miele for a simple reason that as pioneers, we are always superseding ourselves.

In the recent past, the taste towards kitchen cabinetry has evolved and kitchen, which was essentially meant for all backend jobs and for strictly utilitarian purpose, is now becoming platform to socialize and flaunt a certain kind of lifestyle. Because, there is a lot of scope in a kitchen to flaunt style and one's flair for luxury and fine living. It is also important that the functionality aspect is not compromised. Kitchens therefore are being seen to follow a certain amalgamation of style and utility in a refined way.

Multi Product Shot Clean Steel

Indians have moved to seemingly spacious kitchens owing, of course, to space as well as the arrangement of kitchen cabinetry allowing easy movement and hindrance free working. With modular kitchens becoming more popular, the rage for built-in appliances will only spike up and fade away most of freestanding appliances from the kitchenette. This in a way will pave way for a sleeker looking kitchen with cabinetry behaving like false wall and appliances seamlessly embedded within. This will induce symmetry hence harmonising the overall appearance of the kitchen.

Gourmet warmer Drawer
While clean cut handles have been in vogue for a while now, we see more of handle-less kitchen cabinets thronging the kitchen space and to complement them will be available handle-less appliances as well. For instance our latest introduction in the Indian market includes handle-free dishwasher, Knock2Open which opens up merely by being knocked on its door twice!

A definite shift from colored kitchens to a chic white is on full swing. This is one reason why we have recently introduced white colored appliances in India.

Wine Conditioner
The concept of dry and wet kitchen, where the latter is primarily meant for maids and helps for core cooking purposes while the former is essentially for hosting get-togethers with friends and families, will become more popular. Currently you do not have many households following the trend. The bifurcation made is on the basis of major differentiation brought about by the choice of appliances which fit in these two areas; whilst the wet kitchen will hub the basic cooking appliances like the hob and hood, dishwasher, refrigerator and a single oven, the dry kitchen would house secondary and lifestyle appliances like the steam oven, the coffee machine and the wine conditioner along with induction hob and hood for light cooking purposes.

Fancy lighting has started entering kitchens and the trend is expected to only become more elaborate and imposing in coming times for a reason that light arrangement and intensity helps create a desired ambience for a particular setting.

Personal spaces within a kitchenette are foreseen to pace up and this can be accentuated by seamless dim lighting in a corner by the window side, perfect for morning cup of coffee and evening tea in solitude.

For the tech-savvy youth who indulges in cooking for passion, audio-visual equipment is the gadget to make the process of cooking more enjoyable. Internet is gradually making way and we expect social media and video streaming take centre stage in the kitchens as well in coming years.

Light furniture within the kitchen can help you set up cosy winter brunches and delightful couple evenings for two within the vicinity. While the moments are cherished between you and your loved ones, the food can warmly rest at a quick distance from you inside warmer drawers.

Knock2Open Dishwasher

A twist in the kitchens has been noticed with wine connoisseurs transforming a portion of dry kitchen areas into their favourite wine tasting zones where supply of their much-loved vintage is available on hand. Wine conditioners are becoming a must-have for every individual who seeks fine quality of life in every detail. While there are free standing wine conditioners to carefully house all your red and white wine and champagne at different yet constant temperature zones simultaneously, there is also delicate care given to them from the tampering ultra violet rays in vibration free condition. Miele has introduced exclusive state-of-the-art sommelier set within the wine conditioner for wine enthusiasts. Another version of under the counter wine units lodged under the island counter flanked with bar stools on one side is also observed.

Miele India is also looking into introducing controlling gadgetry which would allow a consumer to keep tab of all appliances that are working at a particular time interval and to control their functioning even while they are not at home!
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