Dhruv Trigunayat, CEO, Ultrafresh Modular Solutions, informs that the company specializes in customizing kitchens and in providing space-saving storage solutions as per the requirements of its customers.

Ultrafresh: Personalizing Kitchens

What are the emerging trends in the modular kitchen industry in terms of designs, fittings, and materials?
With increased urbanisation and modernisation of homes, more and more households are opting for modular kitchens and furniture, especially in tier 2 and 3 cities. They want kitchens that are personalised and customised for their home. The kitchen has become a reflection of the homeowners, who tend to pick styles and designs that resonate with them.

With lifestyles becoming busier, the need for quick solutions in the kitchen has increased. People are embracing the idea of smart kitchens, where technology is making kitchens and storage units smart, easy to access, and which occupy less space. Also, with increased awareness about climate change, especially in metro cities, people tend to choose sustainable alternatives over traditional materials in their kitchen storage units, cabinets etc.

In a space that is limited, how do you plan the layout of the kitchen without compromising on functionality and aesthetics?
The two main principles in a kitchen layout are the workflow and the kitchen triangle. Storage solutions for specific items like the thali basket, wall hanging accessories in the backsplash area, multipurpose shelf extension, pull-outs, etc, are space saving solutions. Using a light colour palette makes the area look larger.
Dhruv Trigunayat, Ultrafresh
Ultrafresh has expertise in both wooden and steel kitchens and a wide range of finishes, giving customers the widest customisable design options

Dhruv Trigunayat, Ultrafresh

We also recommend using as much height as possible without crowding the space. Tall cabinets are efficient only if that doesn’t gobble up the usable counter space. This is where wall cabinets and open shelves can help.

What sets the Ultrafresh brand apart from its competitors?
The experience and commercial value that Ultrafresh brings to its customers is unique because of the ownership of the supply chain. While most of our major competitors are traders, component sellers, or aggregators dealing in wooden or steel kitchens, Ultrafresh has expertise in both the materials with an even 50-50 split in volume and all possible finishes available under the sun, giving customers the widest design options. Our absolutely screwless cabinets makes our kitchens easy to install and aesthetically pleasing.

Ultrafresh: Personalizing Kitchens

We scientifically design the kitchen to save time and energy. As specialists in customizing kitchen design, we look into every detail that can help our customers improve productivity in their kitchen. We continuously work on alternative solutions as per the area, demography, and individual preferences.

Ultrafresh was the first kitchen brand in India to offer its customers complete online tracking of their orders. We also offer a credit card/HDFC bank financing option to make our kitchens more affordable to a wider audience.

Do you have plans to expand your product portfolio?
Our current range of products include modular kitchens, wardrobes, TV units, bar units, cabinets for storage, and kitchen appliances. We offer complete end to end services on our products - from design and manufacturing to installation and after-sales service.

Ultrafresh: Personalizing Kitchens

We constantly work on product innovations based on customer feedback - whether it is to reduce the cost and make the modular kitchen experience more affordable, or to add exciting features to improve the functionality of the kitchen space. We have recently doubled our manufacturing capacity to ~1000 kitchens and ~5000 kitchen hoods a month. Going beyond kitchens, we will be expanding our storage range and solutions for use in other parts of the house.