The Fireside Ventures backed startup 10club has set its eye on bringing structure and organising the unfragmented $30B Home & Kitchen industry of India. Led by Bhavna Suresh, Founder - 10clubhomes, the Rs 100 cr company has consolidated businesses into a single robust brand that will now cater to India’s value segment in the Home & Kitchen space.

What is the ideation behind creating 10clubhomes?

the unfragmented $30B Home & Kitchen industry of India
With 10clubhomes, we want to build a brand, and not a business, that understands the Indian audience and resonates with them. Our philosophy is simple but entrenched in India’s culture. Our aim is to deliver on the quality promise while being affordable for the price-conscious customer. We are excited about this new trajectory and remain committed to setting new standards in the industry.

What business potential do you see in India’s Home and Kitchen industry?

India’s Home and Kitchen industry, currently valued at $30B, is growing at a rapid pace but as a category it continues to remain mostly informal. Understanding the potential of the market and staying true to our commitment to make the consumer’s experience seamless while ensuring quality products at an affordable price point.

Over the last 2 years, 10club has acquired over 8000 skus and has created a lean portfolio of 200 which are centred around 3 key themes: quality, functionality, and affordability.

What is your business model and product offerings?

With the vision to create one brand for every home need, 10club embarked on a mission to redefine the concept of ‘value for money’ for the Indian consumer. The strategy was to start by nurturing businesses that thrived in the digital realm, and through a meticulous process created a portfolio that offered consumers products that are functional, durable, and colourful.

The company started by acquiring skus in the garden utility, baby furnishing and home fitness and along the way, added categories like home décor items, storage solutions, home furnishings, puja room essentials, kitchen and bath accessories. These endeavours culminated in the birth of

What are the company’s expansion plans?

Following a phased approach, 10club will be expanding its offline presence through collaboration with partners like Wakefit and Pepperfry in phase one and will further strengthen its presence by opening flagship stores in metros cities in phase two. Staying true to the brand ethos, more than 85% of the sourcing by the brand is through local vendors.

Currently a Rs. 100 crore GMV business, 10clubhomes is making strides towards becoming the largest home & kitchen brand in India. This marks a significant milestone in the company’s growth trajectory, optimising operational efficiency, enhancing synergies, and positioning the organisation to grow from Rs. 100 cr to a Rs 1000 cr company.