Siemens Dishwaher

Siemens Dishwasher, a marvel in the home eliminates the hassle of cleaning vessel manually and also ensures the highest hygiene level for the dishes. The dishwasher is a revolution in the kitchen that cleans dishes with hot water at 70°C killing 99.9% germs. The powerful jet streams of the dishwasher ensure that no grease is left behind. Ideal for all types of soiled pots and pans, it also takes care of expensive fragile glasses and your favourite expensive cutlery. Siemens dishwashers are not only flexible and versatile. The intensive 70° C, Auto 45° C-65° C, Eco 50°C, quick wash 45° C, allows you to choose from options of programmes.

Key features of dishwashers are:
  • Intensive programme ensures that heavily soiled and greased dishes are perfectly clean. The 70° C temperature used cleans dishes without a glitch.
  • The aquaSensor, an innovative feature, automatically adjusts the suitable wash cycle for the dishes. This is made possible by Siemens intelligent sensors that detect the water temperature and washing time required based on the level the dishes are soiled.
  • The varioSpeed feature compliments a faced-pace life by ensuring your dishes are cleaned, utilizing 50% of the normal time required to clean the vessels, without a compromise on wash quality.
  • Auto, programme beat suited for mixed loads and normally soiled dishes adjust the water usage, temperature and rinse time exactly to suit the level of soiling to ensure best washing result with easy temperature.
  • Quiet dishwasher, a special sound insulation technology, has made Siemens dishwashers particularly soundless. The innovative pump which pushes the water out of the machine will automatically turn off when no excess water has to be removed, which eliminates unpleasant pumping sound.
  • Quick wash, the feature in Siemens dishwasher like its name suggests, is built to provide you a fast wash to suit the fast paced lifestyle.
  • The iQdrive, a high performance motor of Siemens operates without friction in various situations. This is made possible by the innovative magnet technology in the iQdrive. Whether the dishwasher is set to use less energy while maintaining the same performance level, while using shorter cycle times to achieve optimal cleaning results or to apply its highest cleaning power, the innovative magnet technology in the iQ drive ensures that the dishwasher is robust, efficient and quiet in its operation.