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Ultrafresh latest Magnum kitchens

From three exclusive retail showrooms at the start of 2018 to the current 85, Ultrafresh is now a national player in the kitchen segment. Dhruv Trigunayat, CEO, Ultrafresh India, explains why the company can be easily estimated on the exponential rise of the kitchen order.

What are the features of the Ultrafresh latest Magnum kitchens?
The Magnum Series is a class apart with its antique and beautiful appearance and features that give a new dimension to the kitchen. What makes it unique is the galvanized steel electrostatic spray deposition (ESD) in matt finish with antique brass finish edge bending on the shutter for a royal touch. Standalone features include a grand 4-feet chimney, and German hardware and accessories. The series is available in black and dark blue.

What customer service does the company offer?
Ultrafresh India is among a handful of Indian kitchen companies with ownership of the entire supply chain. Right from manufacturing of the products to their installation and after-sales service, the whole ecosystem is managed by our in-house team.

The company also plays an integral part in customer education about modular kitchens as a vast majority of Indian customers do not know what the term ‘modular kitchen’ means. There is also the challenge of poor or unplanned construction, which, in the absence of a certain standard, makes it quite difficult to install factory-made and standardized modular kitchen solutions.

What are the company’s plans for growth and expansion?
Today, Ultrafresh is positioned as a major national-level player, with 85 exclusive showrooms located all over India, and an unwavering focus on end-to-end cycle of modular kitchens. While earlier we used to sell about 15 to 20 retail kitchens monthly, the numbers today stand close to 300 a month.

Having established Ultrafresh as one of the leading kitchen companies in India with an entire modular kitchens’ execution cycle, our endeavour now is to become a household name in this category and an industry leader, especially when the market consolidates and moves towards being a uniform body operating in a formalized sector. We want to extend our geographical outreach and be known as a kitchen brand that provides affordable luxury. As regards expansion, we plan to have 200 stores by 2020.
Dhruv Trigunayat, Ultrafresh India
From manufacturing the kitchens to their installation and after-sales service, the whole ecosystem is managed in-house

Dhruv Trigunayat, Ultrafresh India