Nasaka, the leading water purifier manufacturing brand from the house of Okaya & Microtek, has launched yet another revolutionary RO water purifier model 'MaXsure'. It is equipped with an extra-large tank of 13 litres and boasts multiple purification stages (RO+UV+ UF+LED+OrpH++Biomag). It is 100% health-oriented, which is its major USP.


  • Effective Biomag technology with OrpH+
  • Rapid Purification capacity of 15 litres/hour
  • Advance color LED indication
  • Combination of Reverse Osmosis, Ultraviolet & Ultra-filtration technology
  • Smart filter change alert
  • Automatic flushing of impurities to enhance life of membrane
  • Suitable for purification of brackish, tap & municipal water supply
  • Wall-mountable with water level indicator
  • 5 years (1+4* years extended) warranty
  • 400+ service points
The futuristic OrpH+ technology adds vital minerals and maintains ORP and pH level of water, while the Biomag technology breaks down the water molecules into a fine micro-cluster that helps the body quickly absorb essential minerals present in the water. Commented director Arush Gupta, "MaXsure is an immunity boosting water purifier with its world-class four-stage water purification technology. After passing through minute purification, you get to drink water that is fortified with all essential minerals and tastes good too."

Since Nasaka primarily operates in India, all its products are aimed towards water problems that are native to India such as high amounts of TDS (Total Dissolved Solids), organic pollutants and the most persistent chemicals. Priced at `17990 (MRP), MaXsure is available across India.