Cinepolis Megaplex at Viviana Mall, Mumbai

Cinepolis Megaplex at Viviana Mall Mumbai

India's Largest & Technically Advanced Multiplex with Six Concepts under One Roof
Cinepolis has recently crossed the milestone of 100 screens in India with the launch of country's first 4DX technology enabled screen at Vivanna Mall, Thane in Maharashtra. With this multiplex which is the most technologically-advanced theater, Cinépolis will be operating 110 screens across India.

With 14 screens, this megaplex houses six concepts under one roof viz. Cinépolis VIP, IMAX, 4DX, Dolby Atmos, RealD 3D and 4K projection system. For the first time, audiences will have access to 4DX in India which provides a fully immersive movie experience with a real simulation of effects like motion seats, water, wind, fog, lightening and scents that enhance what one views on the screen.

The Cinépolis VIP is a concept that reinvents entertainment with full leather recliners, in-theatre restaurant apart from the existing service on-seat. It is also the first Cinépolis property to have a fully-equipped IMAX® Screen. In addition, another auditorium in the complex is equipped with Dolby Atmos, which employs up to 64 speakers to heighten the realism of every scene. Patrons can also enjoy freshly-prepared gourmet food at the in-house coffee shop, Coffee Tree, in the lobby of Cinépolis.

Cinepolis Megaplex

The property also has the state of the art 3-D technology from RealD® systems which has an exclusive tie-up with Cinépolis in India. RealD 3D cinema technology is a polarized 3D system that uses circularly polarized light to produce stereoscopic image projection. The advantage of circular polarization over linear polarization is that viewers are able to tilt their head and look about the theater naturally without seeing double or darkened images. However, as with other systems, any significant head tilt will result in incorrect parallax and prevent the brain from correctly fusing the stereoscopic images.

Apart from these, movie goers can avail the benefits of Club Cinépolis, the company's loyalty programme at the theatre in Viviana Mall.

"Our interest in this proposal was to combine our personality and international design trends, to create a design in which our patrons in India can feel identified. The objective of this new interior design concept was to keep the personality of Cinepolis Brand; fun, cool, creative, family driven, young and friendly, adapting the attributes of Cinepolis to the identity and context of India. In India, a country with such a vast and rich culture, which translates in lush forms and textures, colors and sensations, to adapt our company's personality, we wanted to create a spectacular space to commemorate our 100 screens in India. We were looking for India's taste to be reflected in our design concept, to give consumers world class service the same way in any of our eleven countries where we have presence like USA, Brazil, Mexico,in which we have received several awards for being the best cinema," says Luisa Ramírez Díaz, Design Director, Cinepolis.

Cinepolis Megaplex Viviana Mall

Design Concepts & Features

Some of the design concepts and features of Cinepolis Megaplex as described by Díaz include:
  • The interior design concept created for Cinepolis Viviana was born from the need to have the best cinema complex in India, inside a highly relevant mall.
  • The design process consisted in identifying those space elements, technologically and design driven that defines Cinepolis, with which we express the brand's personality and from that we proceed to do a reinterpretation.
  • The height of our lobbies in our Indian Cinemas is unusual; however that wide space is necessary in order to provoke an immensity and monumentality effect, which we find very appealing in our complexes.
  • Another key design element was the lighting. We lowered the lux levels, and introduced colored lights, replacing the painted walls with light washed walls. We incorporated a chandelier as a central design element from which, with a combination of lights, a flashing and glitter effect that floods this space is created, giving a scenic, theatrical and dramatic effect.
  • The access corridor is a transition space between the lobby and the audis. It is a space where our patrons can introduce themselves to this submersible experience, which in this case will be the movie. The light levels are much lower, creating an intriguing environment, a prelude to something exciting that is yet to come.
  • We selected materials from local providers, which when combined can create an eclectic, comfortable and vibrant environment.
  • Talking about auditoriums, our design criterion is the best worldwide, stadium type seating in audis which offers much more comfort and the best projection and sound experience in the world. It improves the surrounding sound experience through widening the "Sweet Spot" (the best seats inside an audi, where the patrons can feel the sound experience at its fullest, according to the speakers' placement).
  • The projection and sound of all our auditoriums have the latest technology out in the worldwide market. Our Audis have a 7.1 Dolby Digital Surround Sound having two additional audio channels, which traditionally were 5.1 channels.
  • Our 4K Digital Projection, offers 4 times the level of image quality than which other cinemas with 2k projectors can offer. The 4K Digital Cinema offers images with larger aspect ratio, and as a result much richer and detailed image quality. With 4K, the patrons will forget about pixels and will focus on the movie's plot.
  • In Cinepolis Viviana, we introduced innovative concepts, such as VIP, 3D sound immersive technology Dolby Atmos, the Imax Theatre, the 4DX audi and coming soon the Junior audi. The design as well as the introduction of these innovative concepts makes this complex the biggest, most modern and innovative.
  • In an IMAX movie, the sound has also been improved. As a result of a patented digital remastering process, the movie's original sound is remixed in postproduction to recapture the Complete Dynamic Range.
  • The 4DX Audi is a Digital Projection system which achieves a much deeper indulgence of the patrons recreating the movie's ambience inside the audi, such as fog, rain, wind, scents, deeper and more intense sounds, as well as vibrations and movements from the seats.
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