Suraksha Acharya, Principal Architect, Midori Architects

Suraksha Acharya, Principal Architect, Midori Architects
Midori Architects is an award-winning firm that was established in 2015 under the leadership of Suraksha Acharya, a cognitive member of the sustainable architecture field in India, championing the need to build better and more environment friendly structures. The firm is committed to using advanced technology and simulation techniques to produce architecturally pleasing work while pushing the boundaries of performative design.

My architectural style developed over 15 years can be best described as a blend of natural and modern. As an innovator, I approach design challenges with a fresh, unique, modern & sustainable perspective to craft spaces for life well lived. Midori aims to design daring futuristic forms powered by clean energy and generated by employing the biophilic approach that is driven by climate responsive design strategies. Midori has gained international recognition with projects like Shanty-Scraper, a vertical deconstructed slum built from post construction debris in Chennai; Aero Hive – a breathing skyscraper that challenges the common belief that contemporary tall buildings cannot be ventilated naturally due to their height and offers pause from the typical hermetically sealed glass-boxes, serving as a model of sustainability.
I believe in recreating urban areas and buildings to fully cover their energy requirements without inducing environmental damage

The gender gap in design and construction has been slow to close. Most architecture firms have fewer women in leadership roles, especially in construction, and this will take several more generations to achieve equity. Midori Architects, however, is female centric and I have always given women the opportunity to take on higher roles if they have the potential. Though I am privileged to have my own firm, I still face the daily challenge of balancing my workload and being a hands-on mom. Having the support of the family and the firm helped me work through many setbacks. And I always try to voice my opinions supported by factual and experienced-based knowledge.

My advice to young architects is to persist and believe in themselves, even in the face of workplace adversity. When so many talented women quit architecture due to personal or professional reasons, we all lose!

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