Uttamaditya, Life Designer, CEO & Founder, U&I Interiors, presents his observations of the shift consumers are making towards more conscious living to improve their health, their office and home environs, and also to contribute towards eco-friendly living by optimizing the available natural resources.

Materials and natural elements that have healing benefits

Healthy Living
The imprint that the pandemic left with us in these years will be further explored in healthy lifestyle practices. Materials and natural elements that have healing benefits will be used and desired. In these testing times, there has been a steady increase in wanting to live consciously and adopting habits that promote health in homes and offices. And there are deliberations in creating spaces to accommodate such practices.

Materials and natural elements that have healing benefits

Styles or themes in interiors will focus more on individuals in the space, their personalities, experiences, beliefs, and desires. So, the conventional way of selecting one type of style will take a backseat while a combination of styles that suit the person and the family/organisation will be the way to go. In this way, unique styles will start spurting.

Materials and natural elements that have healing benefitsPics: courtesy Studio An-V-Thot Architects
At U&I Interiors, we have been conscious of these shifts and have introduced Life Design professionally to address issues that deal with how life and spaces are intertwined subconsciously and how they affect each other.


Interior furnishings, furniture and materials used will go under the sustainable radar. Materials that are reusable, recycled will be given importance, inducing pride for helping the environment. Antique furniture and architectural pieces like pillars and doors are used in many creative ways in the modern set up. Awareness and appreciation for what we already have and can be revamped to function in new ways has opened up customers to a new kind of sustainable product line. Utilising existing resources like solar panels and rain harvesting has gained momentum and will become a norm.

Materials and natural elements that have healing benefits

Technological interventions
Smart homes, intelligent office concepts have seeped into city dwellings and will grow further. Technology that understands humans has grown tremendously and will continue to innovate. Customizations through use of technology will cater to an individual’s unique requirements and spaces will be designed accordingly. The acceptance and living along with intelligent devices will become an increasing part of interior designs.