A home reflects the owner’s personal style, but it also reflects what trends it follows, whether they are outdated or still very much in style. Janavi Javeri, Interior Stylist & Founder, Walls and Things, presents decor trends that will disappear in 2023 and 5 trends that will emerge.

People today want to simplify things

Trends to Fade Out
Maximalism: This trend is no longer to be entertained as the “less is more” theory probably holds more relevance. People today want to simplify things, and that is reflected in their choices for interiors.

Smooth Surfaces: Textures are so in that smooth surfaces can no more be seen in homes. From walls to fabrics, furniture to furnishings, rigid aesthetics are fading away, and new textural trends are on the rise.

Monochromatic Colours: A very safe choice for any place, neutral monochromatic colour schemes will fade out eventually and no longer be the highlight to accentuate spaces.

Color-Coordinated Décor: This is a big no; statement furniture and accent pieces are interesting enough to instantly uplift an entire space; hence, the unnaturally curated and gathered look will bid adieu.

Open Plan: The trend is surely fading away as people are opting for intentional spaces that are mapped out for specific needs.

People today want to simplify things

Trends to Look Out For
Bold Colours: Neutral tones have been popular for a long time, but bold colours are making a comeback. Colours that define mood can be seen adorning a wall or a statement piece as a highlight of the space.

Accent Walls: They were never out of trend ever since the concept was developed and they are here to stay for a while. Wallpapers, or textures, people thrive to create an accent wall to anchor their space.

People today want to simplify things
Trends are a great way to dress up your home, but they should not take over your style because they come and go.

Janavi Javeri

Vintage: In recent years, the old classic English home vibe has become a huge trend on social media. And it appears that it will continue to grow because it is a great way to add character to a space.

Biophilic Design: The trend is set to accentuate your living a little more as there is no going back for flora and fauna indoors. Big planters, floral upholstery, natural textures, animal prints and everything close to nature will remain closer to the homes.

People today want to simplify things

Art Decor: The movement has revived in the past few years. Geometric details and symmetrical patterns with a sleek and clean look are going to streamline interiors.

Credits for Pictures:
Designer: Gaurang Jawle
Photographer: Ravi Kanade