Imperatori Design redesigns four floors occupied by a construction industry-related organization.

a construction industry-related organization

Fact File

Project name: APCHQ
Location: La Fontaine Boul., Anjou
Client: APCHQ
Interior design firm: Imperatori Design
Area of project: 28,000 sq. ft.
Photographer: Stéphane Brügger
Source: V2com

The building had not seen any changes to its work environment for the past 30 years. It was dark and conservative, reflecting the hierarchical and compartmentalized approach of the time. The expertise of interior design professionals was therefore not only desired, but necessary to create a new work environment.

a construction industry-related organization

From the moment visitors enter, there is a welcoming feel to the spacious, yet intimate space. From the reception area, glass partitions provide a visual link to the multipurpose rooms. The versatility of the architectural components of this area offers a variety of configurations, adapting to the changing needs of the occupants. Pivot doors delineating the space from the adjacent café area reveal an oasis for users where they can relax and recharge.

a construction industry-related organization
The new layouts focus on collaboration and access to natural light for all. Windows provide views of the surrounding neighbourhood. Most of the closed spaces are grouped around a curved central core, while the workstations are distributed in the open area, punctuated by informal meeting zones. On the top floor, a majestic skylight, once reserved for management, is now located over a common coffee area enjoyed by all.

The materiality of the new environment is expressed in a mineral palette of white, gray, and earth tones. White Oak emanates a sense of comfort. Emerald scrolls of hot-rolled steel bring texture and depth to this local material that embodies strength and stability. The occasional addition of felt, in the form of wall panels or openwork, contributes to the visual comfort and acoustics of the space.

A suspended acoustic ceiling tiles invite calm and concentration, while the exposed structure of the circulation areas evokes the raw side of the construction. Revealing the infrastructure with soft indirect lighting, along with a selection of eco-responsible materials, is reminiscent of the attention paid to air quality and user comfort, aimed at obtaining a LEED gold certification.

a construction industry-related organization

The addition of playful graphics encourages the use of the exit stairs as a means of connectivity between the floors. Other visual graphics, as well as wayfinding, are inspired by the construction dictionary. The APCHQ logo, cut from hot-rolled steel panels, provides the final touch to this new environment.