fabrics with the power to transform interiors
With over 40 years of experience, we have honed the art of understanding the pulse of our clients to offer a repertoire of carefully curated in-house and international brands, that include exclusive fabrics, finest yarns, unique designs and patterns in woven fabrics with the power to transform interiors.

Major editor labels around the world source their fabrics from India and other regions of the world and resell them in India at astronomical prices. We plan to break the chain and offer the quality that is at par or better than the most expensive editor labels, at prices that are genuine, and not unnecessarily marked up.

As regards trends, there is an affinity towards natural sophistication and spontaneous vibrancy. Top colours of choice for designers are neutral hues made interesting with textures and accented with vibrant notes. While shades of beige, white, grey are common, soft hues of brown, maroon, deep blue, deep green, ochre are also popular. With their subdued appeal, pastels like blush pink, lavender, mauve are as attractive and adaptable. Black too is an alluring option to impart a glamorous look.

fabrics with the power to transform interiors
We offer bespoke interior fabrics and help clients make purchase decisions at genuine prices, without having to pore over endless fabric swatches.

Sachin Chauhan, Director

All kinds of geometric patterns like flutes, checks and chevron are taking over the design scape, injecting visual excitement. A combination of diverse geometric patterns, sometimes blended with florals is also in trend to create highly individualistic and organic fusions that profess creativity and innovation.

fabrics with the power to transform interiors

Materials too have seen a more conscious selection, with designers and customers leaning towards natural, long-lasting, and recycled materials. There is also a strong inclination towards unique textures and patterns that introduce exclusive details into interiors. For upholstery purposes, faux leather, heavy-duty poly-cotton mixes, high performance boucles, velvets and suedes are being sought after.