Aparna Kaushik, Founder & Architect, Aparna Kaushik Design Group

Aparna Kaushik, Founder & Architect, Aparna Kaushik Design Group
Aparna Kaushik is a leading designer of ultra-luxury estate homes in India. She is the founding principal and design director of a multi-disciplinary firm that works across architecture, interiors, furniture, lighting, product design, and landscaping. Her versatile projects span a comprehensive range of luxury lifestyle creations. Infusing her experimental processes with scientific clarity and pragmatism, and the creation of spaces that range from the expansive to the stylish. Her designs pursue a studied style fusion of both contemporary and classical forms, resulting in creations that are visually striking as well as structurally innovative.

For a profession with a long history, architecture and interior design has evolved very slowly, but in a critical way. The opportunity for women to lead is the best path forward. In recent times, people are more focused and have the will to express themselves. Whether it is starting a firm or pursuing a unique specialty for emerging professionals, women are making important strides to advance in their field of work.

The challenges that one faces is part of an effort that can be managed. Part of our effort is to redefine design and work to create excellence with dignity and respect. Irrespective of the struggles and mindset of people, one must learn to work around such difficulties and make the best out of the situations.
Design is inherent in everything. I design to accentuate the natural qualities of a space; amplifying its particular beauty through unique form and seamless functionality

The most important advice one can give to would-be entrepreneurs is to challenge yourself constantly. The mindset to learn every day in your field of work is a must. In today’s time, everyone is career and goal oriented, but it is imperative to have the vision and the desire to achieve it. The world is full of great ideas, but success only comes through action.

Aparna Kaushik ultra-luxury estate homes in India