Saint-Gobain's high quality CertainTeed roofing shingles have displayed exemplary performance since they were first introduced in India

Premium Row Houses Kerala
Premium Row Houses, Kerala
It was October 2004; a renowned award-winning architect in Pune, Maharashtra, was actively looking to ornate the roof of his upcoming residential project in Sangli with a unique cedar finish. As luck would have it, Saint-Gobain launched its internationally acclaimed roofing shingles the very same year in India. After a round of product awareness drive and site visits, Saint-Gobain's patented Presidential Series Shingles were installed on the roof. Thanks to their tri-laminate build and rustic sculpted profile, the shingles not only provided the aesthetic appeal that the architect was looking for, but also affirmed their ability to withstand the weather tribulations for a long period of time.

This marked the beginning of the era of Roofing Shingles in India, and they came to be much appreciated by architects and builders catering to an increasingly modern India. Bungalows, high-end residences, plush villas, gated-communities, townships, educational institutions, and government offices with sloped roofs saw shingles being laid on their rooftops, adding an element of awe along with a lifetime performance.

So, what makes Saint-Gobain Roofing Shingles unique?
Technically, roofing shingles are composites of high grade asphalt, reinforced with fiberglass and mineral stabilized. The upper layer is overlaid with high strength ceramic coated mineral granules, and below the bottom layer is a mineral stabilizer cum fire-retardant coating. The granular layer provides multiple shades which do not fade for the lifetime. Also, the mat-like form (roughly 3 feet in length and 1 feet in width) of the shingles enables them to adhere to various roof profiles such as sloped, high-pitched, dome/conical, etc. They can be conveniently installed on any slab (RCC/Fiber Cement Board/Marine Plywood, etc) of minimum 16-mm thickness.

Jamnagar Gujarat
Jamnagar, Gujarat

Available in seven distinct designs and twenty shades, the shingles easily blend with the ambience and offer an earthy feel. The slate-like, zig-zag or tapered profiles of shingles, in shades of brown, green, blue, red, grey, etc. give umpteen choices to design a roof in harmony with the surroundings. Additionally, an International Lifetime Warranty offered by Saint-Gobain validates the shingles' long-lasting attribute.

Roofing Shingles Bangalore Karnataka
Bangalore, Karnataka
From the application point of view, owing to their pioneering status, the company continue to spearhead pan-India product awareness drive about Roofing Shingles and their advantages, especially for Indian building construction. An all-India network of Dealers and company-trained application teams ensure quality work that holds aloft the International application standards set by Saint-Gobain.

It is for these reasons, CertainTeed range of shingles are the most preferred roofing option for sloped roof projects in India. Till date, over 300 lac square feet of roofing in India has been executed with Shingles and Saint-Gobain continues to lead in this market by bringing out the most quality and architecturally designed Shingles.

A few project references include, the new Assam legislative Assembly Building at Guwahati, ONGC-Mangalore, township projects of Aamby Valley and Lavasa, individual residences, farm houses and university buildings, gated-community projects of reputed builders in Bangalore, Pune, Chennai, Delhi and many other Indian cities.

With a proven track record of exemplary performance and with the quality backing of CertainTeed, Shingles are definitely here to say.