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Serge Ferrari India offers composite membranes for tensile roofing structures that are innovative and flexible, and which also meet a variety of application needs in architecture

Serge Ferrari Group, one of the leading companies in the building sector across market applications, provides Composite & Tensile Membranes for roofing. These innovative product ranges have technological advantages and can address market segments such as tensile architecture; solar protection; façade; acoustic; modular structures; visual communication; safety and security; environment and bioenergy; tarpaulins; marine; as well as furniture (sling and upholstery).

Arun Madappallath

Our lightweight, durable and recyclable solutions meet the functional and aesthetic requirements of sectors as diverse as building, industry, furniture and yachting

Arun Madappallath, Country Manager - South Asia, Serge Ferrari India

The company is a world leader in flexible composite material technology; it provides expertise and products for designing and creating unique projects. In fact, at Serge Ferrari, innovation innovation is the driving force. With endless possibilities and potential in flexible composite materials in living spaces, the company offers customers solutions for lightweight, durable and recyclable products— the representing attributes of the brand.

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The growing awareness of environmental issues and the ever-increasing demands placed on natural resources has led Serge Ferrari to invest in significant research and development programs, and to find responsible methods for recycling PVC composite materials. Intensive R&D led the company to develop the Texyloop recycling process, the world's first successful separation of PVC and polyester components.

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Serge Ferrari's aim to create products with high added-value for its customers, has made it proficient in a wide range of exclusive technologies like Precontraint, Smart Yarn, Smart Coating and Smart Lam.

The company manufactures and specializes in the conception, production and distribution of innovative flexible composite materials, and operates in 80 countries worldwide and across nearly 15 product-market segments.