Saint-Gobain roofing shingles have become the preferred choice for designing sloping roofs in upscale residences, holiday resorts, university campuses, and in premium offices and commercial buildings across the country

Premium Residence Kerala

The roofs of the legislative assembly buildings of Assam and Arunachal Pradesh, university campuses in Pune and Dehradun, and the townships at Bangalore and Surat are some of the landmark projects that have used Saint-Gobain shingles during 2018. The reason lies in the shingles' aesthetic appeal and the fact that shingles make the roofs waterproof, are unbreakable, highly durable and require no maintenance.

Harish V Holalu

Architects are using shingles to design beautiful world-class sloped roofs, steep slopes, arches and curves, American-style dormer roofs, skylights, etc, and the cost and time taken for construction of shingled roofs have also reduced

Harish V. Holalu, CertainTeed

Saint-Gobain shingles from the famous American brand CertainTeed offer the widest range of colors and designs in the world. When Saint-Gobain evolved the concept of laying shingles over cement-boards, the concept gained wide acceptance in the country. Today, they are being installed on any type of hard substrate: concrete slabs, cement boards, plywood etc. The company's R&D division has developed a patented coating solution for protecting the shingles from stains.

Symbiosis International University

The company has installed over 400 lakh sq.ft of roof area in India, set up large warehouses at multiple locations, established a wide network of authorized dealers and experienced applicators in all states. It has a full-fledged team for the installation, which also provides technical support and customer service. It conducts regular refresher training programs for its dealers while its application engineers do site audits to ensure use of proper accessories and leak-proof roofs. The company provides an International Limited Warranty Certificate for all installations.

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Saint-Gobain, a 350-year-old company is renowned for its high quality, aesthetics products and timely service. Having consolidated its position in the Indian market, its roofing shingles continue to be in high demand for adorning roofs across the country.