Railways and modern urban transport infrastructure in major cities across India have now become a major public transportation media as they are fast, reliable, and affordable. They are designed and built as modern, aesthetic structures, wherein their roof structure plays an important role in their protection and in beautifying the structure.

Modern urban infra stands for reliable and safer commuting, time-saving, reduction in atmospheric pollution, reduction in accident rates, reduced fuel consumption, reduced vehicle operating costs, and increase in average speed of road vehicles, all of which help in improving the quality of life of the people and in making the city more attractive for economic investment and growth.

Railways and modern urban transport infrastructure in major cities across IndiaChennai Metro

Major railways and urban transport system prefer aesthetically planned and well-maintained roofing systems. The roof and wall cladding for railways and urban transport infrastructure are also very important from their maintenance and operations point of view, though they have high cost implications. At the same time, it is expected that the project does not endanger public life, nor lead to ecological or environmental degradation.

Steel roofing is thus the preferable solution for various railways and urban transport system, not only because of the durability of steel but also the lower time required for steel roofing as compared to other roofing solutions. Today, unconventional design (aesthetical/concave/convex) in an infrastructure project like the Railway or Metro, is a major contributing factor in today’s modern architectural transport mediums, marking its step towards a landmark project.

Railways and modern urban transport infrastructure in major cities across IndiaPune Metro

Factors to keep in mind while designing roofing system for a modern railway or urban transport system:

  • Appearance: Aesthetics plays a major role and right material provides the correct appearance with right level of polycarbonates used for right level of diffused light transmission
  • Safety: Imperative to meet the safety standards of the site
  • Off-site construction: Speed of installation need to be high since disruption at busy stations needs to be kept to a minimum
  • Sustainability: Green roofs that are compatible with solar module mounting solutions are the primary need of any modern urban transport architecture
  • Weight: Optimum weight of the entire structure makes it easier, safer and more cost effective – to handle in the factory, in getting it to the site, and during installation
Railways and modern urban transport infrastructure in major cities across IndiaValpoi Bus Stop, Goa

LYSAGHT® transforming structures

LYSAGHT® is transforming conventional structures to non-conventional structures with performance and functionality. Tata Bluescope Steel has supplied more than 7-lakh square metres of roof and wall-cladding profiles made from premium quality COLORBOND® XRW for railway and metro projects across major cities like Delhi, Chennai, Bengaluru, and Mumbai. The Indian Railways and RVNL selected steel roofing for the several stations because of its longer life, better spanning capability, aesthetically pleasing appearance, and minimal maintenance required.

The LYSAGHT® brand from the house of Tata BlueScope Steel, has been linked with almost all major railway stations in the eastern and southern part of the country as well as all major metro and monorail projects. LYSAGHT KLIPLOK® - a concealed fixed roofing system, LYSAGHT TRIMDEK® - a screwed down roofing system, and SMARTDEK® 51 - a precision engineered structural decking system were supplied for most of the projects.

Railways and modern urban transport infrastructure in major cities across IndiaMumbai Metro Station

LYSAGHT® profiles are compatible for roof-top solar solutions in urban infra and its range of products offer extra durability, unique designs, and long-lasting aesthetics. LYSAGHT® cladding solutions are environment friendly and have better thermal efficiency due to the Thermatech® technology, making it an ideal choice for infrastructure projects.