Transforming Spaces

Tata BlueScope Steel with its rich experience in LGFS solution was engaged to give a facelift to Tata Steel’s CRMT Laboratory in Jamshedpur with roof tap extensions

Located in Jamshedpur, Tata Steel has a group of laboratories which provide scientific and metallurgic testing and investigations for a wide range of scientific services. These mechanical and chemical testing help establish the quality of raw materials like Iron ore, coal etc. Since R&D centers typically demand constant upgrades with respect to safety, efficiency and more room for research work, Tata Steel wanted to renovate the existing set- up and expand it further for their future research needs.

The CRMT Lab had an existing RCC roof which was to be extended for extra space. A roof top building for the Metallurgical section for over 500 sq.m was to be installed. The building also required a facelift for its front facing entrance.

Tata BlueScope Steel with its rich experience in LGFS solution, was preferred for setting up the structure. The existing building was very old and due to its limited load bearing capacity, any other solution would not have been feasible.

Transforming Spaces

The EZYBUILD® solution
Roof Top Extensions from EZYBUILD® with SMARTBUILD® Solution/ technology was an ideal choice. The advanced, lightweight framing SMARTBUILD® offered several advantages such as speedy construction, easy installation over the existing structure, and low maintenance. Made of high strength lightweight ZINCALUME® steel, it was best suited for a roof top extension with limited load bearing capacity.

SMARTBUILD® proved to be the best solution to address the requirements - both functionally and aesthetically. Since the building was old, an additional floor would have affected its overall stability, durability and longevity. Due to its tenacity, SMARTBUILD® solution offered great strength and less load on the existing RCC roof. The aesthetics of the existing building had to be seamlessly merged with the new proposed LGFS structure. SMARTBUILD®’s precision engineering enabled design flexibility that was compatible with any exterior and interior cladding product available. Here, the front fascia made of ACP and glass suitably complemented the building structure.