As part of the evacuation solutions, we, at Roha Realty, have been taking steps to install Fire Evacuation elevators from well-known brands like Kone, Mitsubishi, and Schindler.

The considerably rising number of fire incidents has raised the question of fire safety in our country. With the financial growth, the country’s infrastructure has also witnessed a transformation. Though the infrastructure of Tier 1 cities like Mumbai is upgrading, but the question of people’s security remains the same, particularly for fire evacuation in high-rise buildings. Taking safe evacuation into consideration, the installation of the new PPE ‘Public Protection Equipment’ that reaches on time to evacuate and save lives and assets on time, is the prime accountability of the real estate developers.

Roha Realty Safeguarding Lives, Property & Assets

We are all living in an era where high-risk comes with a high price. End-users are paying an exorbitant price to live in high-rise buildings, hence as developers it is our prime responsibility to prioritize their safety. The Fire Evacuation Lifts installed in all our projects are made by specialized teams of the Fire Evacuation Lift Manufacturers. These lifts safeguard and empower fire-fighters to reach higher floors quicker and vacate a group of about ten to eighteen people at one given time in less than three minutes.
Harshvardhan Tibrewala - Director, Roha Realty
By making the property domain all the more accountable for saving life and assets, this circular will certainly enable the start of a new chapter of fire evacuation in Maharashtra, thus positively impacting real estate sales.

Harshvardhan Tibrewala - Director, Roha Realty

Apart from just abiding to the norms laid down by the civic bodies, developers and builders must also add value by choosing fire-resistant materials for construction and should lay out an appropriate fire evacuation equipment which will help mitigate accidents in case of a fire emergency.