TKE Firemen Evacuation Lift comes with an IoT-based control panel which enables automatic notification to security, occupants, and the fire brigade in the event of a fire.

Yes, the new Evacuation Safety Circular is desirable. For high-rise buildings where there is no other evacuation process available, an Evacuation Lift is a solution. It is certainly a great move to ensure the safety of innocent lives in case of an untoward incident such as a fire break-out. But we need to be sure that this regulation is defined as per EN 81-72 standards because it covers all aspects of the evacuation process. Taking half measures will not be sufficient.

As required by the new advisory, we can offer a fire evacuation elevator with a capacity of 1000 kg / 15 persons for buildings having a height of 60-200 m (equivalent according to occupancy on each floor, building height & evacuation time) and for 15-60 m height we can offer 544 kg / 8-person elevator. The elevator is terminated on the evacuation floor and doesn’t go to the basement floors.
Manish Mehan - CEO & MD, TK Elevators
At TKE, we have elevators designed as per EN81-72 standards, which are meant for this application; in fact, all our elevators are designed as per the stringent German engineering standards.

Manish Mehan - CEO & MD, TK Elevators

TKE Fireman Evacuation Elevator can be housed in a separate core having a smoke check lobby with an opening at every floor level and “Firemen Evacuation Lift lobby” can be segregated with the creation of a smoke check lobby at typical floor. Additionally, our “Firemen Evacuation Lift” can be provided with an opening at every mid-landing of one of the enclosed staircases of the building and can be protected by a smoke check lobby with 1-hour fire resistance doors/curtains.

TKE: Emergency Ready

The backup electric supply can be provided with UPS for at least 15 mins and it can be online supported by another supply. A two-way communication system can be provided in our “Firemen Evacuation Lift” car as well as at every landing level, including the ground floor lobby. Plus, the TKE Fire Evacuation Lift comes with IoT based control panel which enables automatic notification to security, occupants, and the fire brigade in case of fire.

Further, in our Fire Evacuation Elevator, all the electric cables are fire retardant with low smoke hazards complying with relevant BIS standards. The lift can reach the bottom to the top floor in less than a minute. It can be traction / rack & pinion or hoist type with compliance with IS 14665 or EN81-72.