Advanced technologies are changing the way buildings are being built, managed and controlled. Architects are now able to push the boundaries of verticality, creating iconic structures that redefine skylines and cityscapes. These new high-rise buildings are smarter and more efficient and include amenities like IoT connected elevators and escalators that make them more attractive for potential buyers - the reason why major real estate developers are installing market-leading smart elevators that are enhanced with built-in connectivity and more safety features.

Elevator Manufacturers are now integrating their elevators with IoT devices
Elevator Manufacturers are now integrating their elevators with IoT devices, building management systems, and security networks in order to optimize their efficiency and thereby enhance user experience. Additionally, smart features such as destination control systems and touchless interfaces have been introduced to enhance user experience and convenience.

With safety being paramount, companies like KONE India, TK Elevator India, Gilco, Otis India, and Hybon are ensuring the safety of elevators through collaboration between manufacturers, building developers, and service providers. The emphasis on hygiene and safety has further prompted elevator manufacturers to introduce contactless features and touchless controls. Elevator companies are also emphasizing uniform safety guidelines across the country and advocating for legislation to ensure safe installations in elevators and escalators.

KONE Elevator - India
KONE is committed to setting new safety standards in the industry; this has led to the development of AI-powered solutions that prioritize user safety and convenience. We emphasize rigorous testing in labs, adherence to industry standards, and focus on quality and safety in order to build customer trust in our products and services, informs Amit Gossain, MD, KONE Elevator - India & South Asia.
TK Elevator India
“Our elevators are equipped with numerous safety features and are regularly inspected and maintained as per the given safety protocols. We also like to emphasize that ensuring safety in elevators is a shared responsibility of both the operators and passengers as they must adhere to the safety and operational guidelines and emergency procedures,” says Manish Mehan, CEO & MD, TK Elevator India.
Elevator Manufacturers are now integrating their elevators with IoT devices

Elevator Manufacturers are now integrating their elevators with IoT devices
As per Sebi Joseph, President, Otis India, carefully planned maintenance is the key to maintaining elevator efficiency and safety in the long term. The real-time monitoring of equipment performance allows early detection of problems and to proactively identify and solve problems. Timely maintenance reduces shutdowns and downtimes.
Director, Gilco Global
“Gilco’s commitment to customer satisfaction extends beyond installation, with comprehensive maintenance programs designed to identify and address potential issues. Regular inspections, software updates, and preventive measures contribute to the longevity and reliability of our elevators, fostering a culture of safety that goes hand in hand with technological excellence, informs Aman Moudgil, Director, Gilco Global.
Elevator Manufacturers are now integrating their elevators with IoT devices

Managing Director, Hybon Elevators and Escalators
According to Ratan Sehgal, Managing Director, Hybon Elevators and Escalators, the company’s focus is on addressing the vertical mobility needs of millions of Indian households with innovative solutions like the Internet of Things (IoT), Remote Monitoring Systems, and pitless lifts. “Our unique Experience Centers allow customers to interact directly with the elevators, ensuring that their needs are met with precision and satisfaction. What’s more, our elevators are a fusion of luxury and technology. By addressing customer needs and enhancing accessibility, we aim to elevate experiences and transform lives. We believe every ascent should be seamless and every journey remarkable.”

CEO, Mantra
Real Estate developer Mantra is providing more modern and reliable lifts to its homebuyers to improve their safety, enhance energy savings, improve rider comfort, and the visual appeal of the lifts’ interiors. “Choosing the right elevator goes beyond merely pushing buttons; for us, safety is paramount,” says Rohit Gupta, CEO, Mantra. “Ultimately, our goal is to ensure the safety, convenience, and accessibility of our lifts for all users.”

Hybon Elevators and Escalators
”We ensure rigorous safety standards in our elevators. Elevator capacity is also crucial as it influences user comfort and efficiency. We consider factors like anticipated foot traffic and building size when tailoring solutions for both commercial and residential needs. Importantly, we prioritize energy efficiency, seeking features like regenerative drives and LED lighting in our elevator selection process for projects.”

“Safety in lifts is essential to ensure the protection and well-being of our residents. There are various features and technology like installation of an emergency braking system that acts in the event of failure in the main system, safety door and sensors that are designed with automatic closing mechanisms and safety sensors, presence of a communication system such as an emergency telephone or intercom. We also regularly maintain our elevators and constantly indulge in technological upgradations of our elevators,” he adds.
Elevator Manufacturers are now integrating their elevators with IoT devices

Projects & Construction Head
Says Prasad Gaikwad, Projects & Construction Head, Tridhaatu Realty, “When selecting lifts for our projects, we prioritize speed, smooth operation, Auto Rescue Device (ARD), high-quality wire rope, advanced controllers, and attractive car finishing and design. These features ensure efficient vertical transportation, passenger comfort, safety, and enhance the aesthetic appeal in our buildings.”

“In our projects we usually install elevator brands such as Fujitec and KONE. These brands have earned our trust through their long-standing reputation for excellence in the industry. Fujitec is known for its innovative solutions and rigorous quality control measures, ensuring reliability and durability in every product they deliver. Similarly, KONE’s commitment to technological advancement and eco-efficiency aligns well with our sustainability goals, making them a preferred choice for our projects. Moreover, both Fujitec and KONE offer comprehensive after-sales service, including proactive maintenance programs and responsive customer support, which are crucial for ensuring smooth operations and resident satisfaction in our high-rise developments.”

Elevator Manufacturers are now integrating their elevators with IoT devices
“In our elevator installations, safety is paramount. We integrate advanced technologies such as overload devices, quality governors, Auto Rescue Devices (ARD), emergency brakes, and V3F Drive systems to enhance passenger safety. Additionally, we prioritize aesthetics with SS Hairline finish for elevator interiors. Our commitment extends to comprehensive after-sales service to ensure continued performance and reliability. These features collectively meet occupants’ requirements for safety, speed, hygiene, and aesthetics, elevating the standard of vertical transportation in our projects.”

“As regards regular maintenance of our lifts, our company has a strict agreement with lift manufacturers regarding regular maintenance, ensuring optimal elevator performance. As part of this agreement, a minimum two-year Annual Maintenance Contract (AMC) is included in the lift cost. This guarantees essential maintenance services such as inspections, lubrication, adjustments, and repairs to keep the elevator in top condition. This proactive approach enhances operational efficiency, mitigates safety risks, and extends the elevator’s lifespan, providing peace of mind to our clients and occupants.”

“Thanks to our proactive maintenance schedule and partnership with reputable manufacturers we haven’t experienced any problems with our lifts till date. What’s more, we haven’t found it necessary to upgrade the lifts in our older projects as they continue to meet safety, performance, and aesthetic standards. Our consistent maintenance ensures their reliability. If needed in the future or if technology advances, we’re prepared to consider upgrades to enhance vertical transportation.”

COO, Satellite Developers
Abhishek Jain, COO, Satellite Developers, informs that in their high-rise residential projects they predominantly use well-known elevator brands such as Otis, ThyssenKrupp Elevator (TKE), Mitsubishi, Kone, and Schindler, primarily due to their strong reputation for safety and reliability. “These brands are not only trusted in the industry for their high-quality standards, but they also provide comprehensive Annual Maintenance Contracts (AMCs), ensuring long-term operational efficiency and safety. This commitment to quality and consistent performance makes these brands a preferred choice for our high-rise developments, where elevator safety and reliability are paramount.”

“When considering the essential features in lifts, the foremost priority is safety, ensuring that all mechanisms adhere to rigorous safety standards for passenger protection. Speed is another key factor, as efficient vertical transportation saves time, especially in high-rise buildings. Advanced technology integration is important for smooth operation and user-friendly interfaces. Energy efficiency is also a critical aspect, not only for cost-saving purposes but also for environmental sustainability. Aesthetics play a role too, as the lift’s design should complement the building’s interior. Lastly, the availability of a reliable maintenance team post-installation is crucial to ensure the lift’s long-term functionality and safety, addressing any issues promptly and effectively.”

Elevator Manufacturers are now integrating their elevators with IoT devices
He informs that the company installs lifts that are equipped with cutting-edge smart features like Advanced Rescue Device (ARD) systems for emergencies, ensuring prompt and safe evacuation. They are also designed with overload signals to prevent accidents caused by excess weight. For added security, there are comprehensive fire safety features that comply with the latest safety regulations. Additionally, these lifts are fitted with Variable Voltage Variable Frequency (V3F) drives for energy saving, making them both environmentally friendly and cost-efficient. “These technological advancements not only enhance safety and speed but also contribute to improved hygiene and aesthetics, meeting the modern occupants’ requirements for a safe, efficient, and visually appealing lift experience.”

“Our agreement with the lift manufacturer stipulates a minimum three-year advance comprehensive AMC which ensures that all elevators are maintained regularly and efficiently, with the manufacturer responsible for routine checks, repairs, and any necessary upgrades over this period. The comprehensive nature of the AMC covers all aspects of maintenance, from mechanical components to software updates, ensuring optimal performance and safety standards are consistently met. This proactive approach to maintenance underlines our commitment to reliability and customer safety in our facilities.”

“We have experienced issues with the lifts in a particular project, where frequent breakdowns were a common occurrence. This recurring problem highlighted the need for a more robust maintenance strategy and possibly an upgrade of the lift systems to ensure reliability and safety for the users. As a developer, once a project is completed and handed over to the society, we typically do not upgrade older projects with newer, more modern lifts. This is primarily because the responsibility of managing and maintaining the building transfers to the society or end users upon completion. However, we are always willing to extend guidelines and support if the society or the end-users require assistance with upgrades or need advice on implementing newer technologies. This approach ensures that while we do not directly intervene in post-handover upgrades, we remain available to provide expert guidance and support to facilitate any enhancements they wish to undertake.”