KONE India, Gilco, and Otis
Renowned elevator companies KONE India, Gilco, and Otis discuss why building owners and developers should be aware of the elevator industry standards and best practices, and why the after-sales services, including timely inspections and maintenance should be conducted by the OEMs

With elevators coming into daily use, passenger safety is a priority. The onus lies equally on the building owners/the building management companies and the elevator manufacturers. While the building owners must follow all the safety protocols as outlined in the building bylaws and as stipulated by government authorities for elevator systems – both before and after they are installed in a building - the elevator companies must ensure that their lifts comply with all the safety requirements.

Elevator OEMs have the expertise and the technical know-how on elevator design, installation, and maintenance, and the all-important safety aspects. By collaborating with the OEMs, developers and builders can ensure that the lifts in their projects are installed and maintained correctly, and that all industry safety standards and regulations imposed by local authorities and regulatory bodies are adhered to diligently, and the best practices are followed. They can also access genuine parts from the OEMs, which are crucial for ensuring safe operations and optimal performance of their elevators, and hence, equally important to source their elevator maintenance from the OEMs.

the Bureau of Indian Standards (BIS)

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installing elevator systems

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the Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs)

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