Smart Elevator Solutions

Manish Mehan, CEO & MD, TK Elevator India, gives insights on the benefits of digital elevator technology in high-rises, such as reduced energy consumption, versatile elevator deployment, improved system efficiency, and enhanced passenger experience

The concept of green building has always been associated with environment and sustainability-related features such as green walls and solar panels, but it is way more than that. Green Building is one of the latest trends in the building and construction industry, which aims to reduce energy consumption through sustainable and energy-saving building design and using energy-efficient equipment.

Smart Elevator Solutions , TK Elevator India

With growing urbanization and vertical development of cities, sustainable living has become extremely important. Energy consumption is high in cities, with the significant source of consumption being the buildings, manufacturing units, and transport. In the wake of global warming and pressing concerns of energy consumption, a green building is becoming increasingly relevant to urban lives.

Challenges to promote green buildings in the country
A popular view against green buildings involves higher operation and maintenance costs in comparison to conventional buildings. However, the truth is that by optimizing key systems such as lighting, air-conditioning, electrical and vertical transportation, green buildings can over a longer term help reduce energy consumption and operation cost thanks to their higher operational efficiency.

Locally, popularity of green buildings is still hindered somewhat by funds and budget constraints of owners and developers, limited awareness on operation and maintenance requirements, and, most importantly, the environmental and financial benefits that green buildings can offer in the longer term.

Next Gen Elevators
Smart next-gen elevator solutions can also help in dealing with challenges in green buildings and contribute to their development. Elevators allow cities to expand upwards instead of outwards, allowing us to effectively reduce urban sprawl and associated negative impacts of traffic congestion, pollution and other key issues that are the concerns of many countries in the Asia Pacific.

In today’s times, buildings are responsible for 40% of overall energy consumption, and around 10% of the building’s electricity is consumed by the traditional elevators. But this can be overcome with smarter and newer elevator technologies. Using TK Elevator’s revolutionary TWIN elevator system as an example, with two elevators operating independently in one shaft, the TWIN offers the benefits of significantly increasing system capacity, without the need for extra elevator shafts.

The biggest advantage of our TWIN is its ability to park one of the two cars while the other stays in operation. This means that when passenger volumes are low, very little energy is consumed by the non-moving cars. Additionally, the TWIN can be equipped with energy recovery devices that can feed about 30% of energy back into the building’s power grid.

Digital and sustainable mobility solutions
Mobility solutions play a pivotal role in building a sustainable tomorrow. And TKE’s solution for the future is MULTI, which allows the operation of multiple cabins in both horizontal and vertical directions, and frees tall building design from the constraints imposed by traditional elevators. As the world’s first rope-free elevator system, MULTI gives architects the power to completely reshape our cities, and has the potential not just to connect floors but also buildings and cities as a more eco-friendly transportation means. The focus of our innovation is also on using the latest technologies to drive energy efficiency and minimise the overall energy consumptionf the building.

In addition, all our elevators can be equipped with MAX, which provides the benefits of data analytics to facilitate predictive maintenance services. MAX is a game-changing predictive and pre-emptive maintenance solution that extends remote monitoring capabilities to dramatically increase current availability levels of existing and new elevators. Utilizing the power of Microsoft Azure Internet of Things (IoT) technology, MAX predicts maintenance issues before they occur, and empowers elevator engineers by flagging the need to replace components and systems before the end of their lifecycle.
Manish Mehan, CEO & MD, TK Elevator India
Next generation elevator solutions such as TKE’s TWIN and MULTI used in newly built high-rises can effectively reduce urban sprawl and its associated impacts. Older buildings can also be turned into more sustainable and greener ones by modernizing their vertical mobility system.

Manish Mehan

Our AGILE Destination Control (DSC) also improves system efficiency and passenger experience by effectively shortening wait and travel times. Compared to conventional elevator control systems, the AGILE DSC increases passenger handling capacity by up to 30%, minimizes passengers’ travel times to their destination and reduces crowding in lift lobbies. DSC also allows for much more flexibility in elevator grouping, lift core layouts and overall building design.

Smart Elevator Solutions , TK Elevator India

In a nutshell, the concept of green building applies not only to new state-of-the-art high-rises and newly developed urban areas, but to all kinds of buildings and infrastructure; thereby extending the benefits of reduced environmental impact and enhanced health and wellbeing of occupants.
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