Inside Out House - Taurian Guest House, Gurgaon

Taurian Guest House Gurgaon

Client's Brief

The brief given by the client was simple, 'convert this existing house into a boutique guest house for corporate use'. The first visit to the site revealed a small, almost run down unit built on a tight plot.


The project involves the modernization of an old house that was built on an extremely tight site. Services had to be relayed and the building design had to be transformed. Time and money posed as the constraints in this reconstruction and retrofit project. Archohm took up these constraints and attempted to convert them into design solutions.

Archohm Design Solution

The existing frame was developed as an earthy and rustic envelope to create comfortable high-end guest rooms. The living and common spaces are intrinsically integrated with the landscape to create a continuous and flowing spatial layout. The corresponding 'inside-out' ambience helps to redefine the space and creates the illusion of a larger and greener environment. An additional floor was constructed and the façade was redone to enhance the qualitative and quantitative volume of the space.

Taurian Guest House

On the ground floor, rooms have been extended into the open spaces by creating transparent partitions that can easily be opened. Continuous pavement patterns help to visually link spaces. This results in the efficient use of setbacks, reduction in construction, controlled budgets, enriched internal visual experiences and inclusion of natural light and greenery into the interior spaces. The guest rooms are provided with bold single monochrome colors of either black or white, allowing one to play with colors through softer elements of furnishings and fixtures.

Taurian Guest House First Floor

Taurian Guest House Ground Floor

Project at a Glance
Typology: Residential
Name of Project: Taurian Guest House
Location: Gurgaon
Client: Mr. Amith bajla, Taurian Iron & Steel Co. Pvt. Ltd.
Principal Architect: Mr. Sourabh Gupta
Architectural Firm: Archohm Consults
Design Team: Tanushree, Ashwini
Site Area: 270 Sqmts
Built-Up Area: 200 Sqmts
Completion Year: 2011
Photographer: Humayun Khan

Inside Out House

On the first floor, the client's personal suite reflects the building's 'natural' theme through clay floor tiles, earthen walls and an extended private terrace integrated into a seamless single volume. A circular bed sits at the center of this suite with a side carpet that highlights the client's Taurian symbol. An inbuilt study incorporated behind the bed as a headrest, a bench sofa and a corner television unit helps to create a simplistic, but welcoming layout.

The bathroom on the first floor expands on the notion of 'central space' with the apt use of the award-winning bathroom by Archohm called - 'self'. The selected white corian 'Self', is a monolithic, central bathroom piece, that adds a spacious characteristic to the interiors, while the bath tub overlooks a green view of the terrace.

All in all, this inside-out house is punctuated with customized, designed light features such as the twilight, an interesting furniture sofa that swings and stone tables accessorized with Italian clocks and Portuguese artwork- creating an abode that is able to subtly, but holistically, celebrate design.

Taurian Guest House Furniture

Keeping in mind the landscape and the exterior of this project, this proves to be an extreme exercise in Agra red stone and its various forms and finishes. It effectively brought in the needed rustic flavor to the client's 'iron ore mining' guesthouse. Scaled to bring a sense of 'home' within the residential environment of Gurgaon, this project highlights the concept of spatial and material continuity.

Agra Red Sandstone has been used in its purest form. Simple pillars and blocks of the stone, devoid of any texture or carving, highlight the beauty of the material and use it to enhance the 'natural' concept of the design.

Taurian Guest House Agra Red Sandstone

2.7-meter high pillars mark the entrance making way for an interesting boundary wall and screen. Varied sized blocks of sandstone are randomly placed across the garden as stools, tables and stepping-stones creating a playful ambience. The living room wall, which opens up in to the front garden, is also dry-clad with Agra Red Sandstone, in sawn and natural split form, enabling the outside ambience to subtly seep inside.

To contrast the Agra Red, Black Pebbles have been sprinkled at the base and a black granite sculptural birdbath adds the final touch to the ingenious external landscape layout.