a finite quantity of natural resources available
Today, going green is no longer a choice but a necessity; we need to build and live responsibly.

Apoorva Shroff - Principal Designer & Founder, Lyth Design

There is only one earth and a finite quantity of natural resources available to us. Hence, if we cut down a summable number of trees without planting any, we will exhaust the resources and eventually be left with no natural materials like wood etc.

To start with, sustainably designed projects are economical as they save a lot of resources in the long run. For instance, solar panels are a one-time investment, and one can reap the benefits with minimal electricity bills over the long run. Similarly, investing in rainwater harvesting is a wise choice. These solutions will become more meaningful in the future when the scarcity of resources becomes more pronounced.

a finite quantity of natural resources available

At Lyth Studio, we are very conscious of our material choices. In some of our past projects, we have opted for recycled products varying from tiles to fabrics, to reduce our carbon footprint. Apart from that, we prefer to source our materials and art pieces locally to support the local economy and reduce transportation. This also helps us contextualize our projects as regional products and the local construction methods are most apt and suitable for the project. Lastly, we incorporate a lot of greens in our projects, especially indoor plants. They not only lift the aesthetic appeal, but also purify the air and clear the toxins.