Krishna Rao
A living city designed and created by humans for humans. All other formats of life are incidental and are in the scope only to add value of one shade or another to the charter of one's life. The planet as we have known, will undergo not just change but totally metamorphize to suit and fit the designed lifestyle. Design is inclusive of designation. The mind is master of matter. Ironically it is what it is because of matter?

Ekistics - the art and science of human settlements. People move from rural to urban - a phenomenon which is a process in human evolution. Lifestyles therefore change. The human being learns to observe adapt and adopt. Space from a large agrarian concept becomes more defined and concentrated. Cities must grow, and as they grow, they become denser and denser. This growth is also organic driven by technology, depending on the architecture.
Micro-intense urban inter-active hi-fi spaces with all facilities within a swipe or call is the need. The challenge demands a thinking that breaks known cultural barriers of lifestyle

Money, the measure of today's lifestyle drives urban living and work spaces and their design. It was an idealist dream to spread and occupy large spaces for the comfort of a leisure driven society in the past and in sparks even today. But the large overwhelming population has driven this aspiration for leisure to a different dimension. This aspiration to enjoy the luxury of hi-fi life in the comfort of one's personal dimension is becoming the scenario as the youth emerge as the main economic stimulators of tomorrow. They have no time to congregate and no space either. They work hard and intensely to reap the rewards of immediate earn and gain. Micro-intense urban inter-active hi-fi spaces with all facilities within a swipe or call is the need. The challenge demands a thinking that breaks known cultural barriers of lifestyle.

These new intense spaces are pushing architects to think in formats that never existed before. This possibility has been opened up by the achievements of technological innovation. The Structures, the Services and the Utilities with adaptability have changed the very metaphor of an architect's approach. Imagination, creativity and the ability to deliver are becoming the passwords. Who, what, why and when have redefined wealth as reflected in the urban scenario. The urban habitat has challenged so much that the dimensions of aesthetics, comfort and style have redefined space to change the architects perception beyond the accepted norms of imagination. Technology has played a dynamic role in this expression.

Future Of CitiesFuture Of Cities

Art smiles! Most objects of the present past age were functional and had no sense of aesthetics. Tomorrow has opened new windows and doors to a range of infinite styles of expression. Like a watch that is more a wrist ornament with dynamic uses than a measure of time, the entire lifestyle is seeking expressions. The intense urban scenario of thrills and exhibitionist performances seem one way out. Mile high towers are no longer dreams. But, what occupies these towers is an intense active network of human lifestyle. Here I must pause to reflect on many writings of novelists of fiction, who had boldly foretold a century ago that entertainment will be the main sustenance of human life style in the future. How true!

Anthrogenepolis then transforms into a habitat that is not only intense and multi-faceted but opens out large regions of open spaces and like an ant hill thrusts upwards and downwards and then inter connects with sub-ways and short hop flights.

Adventure finally arrives home. Architecture - the blender of art and technology - achieves this wholesome integration, which otherwise would and could have taken off to heights of horror and rule of fear by fear. But we are now at that edge of decision. Mankind has to race, but in that speed must not wreck itself. Regulations will come, rules will bind. Questions will be raised. Appropriateness will be questioned. Divisions will happen. The challenges are intense and the change must be accepted, otherwise the human evolution will descend to the dark ages. Barbarians will rule once again, as they are always threatening by numbers. Objective Political will must prevail. The Architects must rise to the fore – The future is in the abode of the skies. Take it on!

My personal sketches which were presented at an overseas international conference decades ago are today, revealing reality.