Easy Build Metaverse-based platform Easy Build uses the next generation Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Metaverse technologies to provide building material solutions. It helps the end-customers, builders, and contractors to visualize their construction designs in real-time. End-users can order the products through the portal which are delivered through the particular brand’s dedicated supply chain team, with real-time tracking.

Managing Director Vishal Kanodia said, “We are proud to be the pioneers of the Metaverse-based commercial space, which brings everything related to building and construction under one roof. Many companies doing online business in India are hampering the business of small-scale sellers and traders. But Easy Build is committed to elevate their income 3 to 5 times by empowering them with technology, availability of goods, distribution network and more.”

the next generation Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Metaverse technologies

Easy Build will also enhance the skills of workers like painters, carpenters, electricians and masons with better techniques and practices.

The company has set a target of March 2024 to make 50 Experience Centres operational in Delhi/NCR, UP and Bihar, and have a dedicated force of 20,000 EB entrepreneurs and to connect 3,00,000 workers through this. The company also aims to achieve a Gross Merchandise Value (GMV) of Rs. 8,000 crores.

There will be 02 Metavans and 15 Metabikes at each experience centre of Easy Build, which will illustrate the seamless transition of Easy Build technology from the business place of the Easy Build entrepreneur’s business location to the end-user’s home. It will also facilitate registration of all workers associated, and connect them with Easy Build Entrepreneurs, allowing them to deliver their services to their customers efficiently.

Ashok Gupta, MD, Sakarni Plaster India, commented” “Easy Build is definitely set to change the way homes are built and infrastructure is developed. It will completely transform property visualization and selection of material, making it very convenient for the customer.”

The company is following sustainable business practices by following the order-to-delivery cycle, which is set to mitigate more than 1000 mega-tons of CO2 emissions each year. Apart from that, Easy Build will follow a completely paperless process, expected to save about 800 trees every year.