3DXB Group, a leading innovator in 3D printing solutions for the construction industry, has made the world’s largest 3D-printed villa in Dubai. Made in one seamless session, the four-meter-high residential villa is set to become a symbol of technological prowess and sustainable construction practices. Located in the Al Awir 1 area of Dubai, it boasts an overall built-up area of 300 sqm and the entire structure is crafted from locally sourced concrete, embodying a commitment to sustainable practices.

3DXB Group, a leading innovator in 3D printing solutions

“This groundbreaking project signifies a pivotal moment in the UAE construction sector. 3DXB Group continues to redefine industry norms in Dubai aligned with the visionary decree No. (24) of 2021 issued by HH Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum, Vice President and Prime Minister of the UAE and Ruler of Dubai, the 3DXB GROUP is committed to supporting the country’s ambitious goal of constructing 25% of buildings using 3D printing technology by 2030,” said Badar Rashid AlBlooshi, Chairman, 3DXB GROUP.

“Our mission is to drive positive change in the industry through innovation and responsible practices. It is a matter of pride for us to be at the forefront of technological advancements in construction, contributing to the realization of Dubai’s 3D Printing Strategy 2030,” he added.

Dubai’s 3D Printing Strategy aims to achieve a minimum rate of 25% implementation of 3D printed buildings in the Emirate by 2030. The strategy not only fosters innovation but also offers economic and environmental benefits, including lower construction costs, reduced construction time, and the utilization of sustainable and recycled materials.

As a leading innovator, 3DXB Group has undertaken various initiatives in 3D printing technology, including construction engineering consultancy, construction contracting, and the manufacturing of concrete for construction. 3DXB provides specialized 3D printers designed for large-scale construction projects, featuring robotic arms or gantry systems for precise material deposition. It develops and supplies specialized materials suitable for 3D printing in construction, including cementitious mixtures, additives, polymers, and composites that meet structural integrity and printability requirements. 3DXB also offers sophisticated software and design tools to generate digital models and convert them into printable files, either through proprietary solutions or collaborations with existing software providers.

Moreover, 3DXB, in partnership with Dubai Municipality and universities, offers comprehensive technical support, training, and consultancy services to assist construction firms in adopting and implementing 3D printing technology. This includes machine setup, troubleshooting, maintenance, and guidance on best practices. 3DXB collaborates with universities and government entities to invest in research and development, aiming to enhance their technologies and advance the capabilities of 3D printing in the construction industry. Surpassing specific height limitations with 3D printing technology depends on factors such as local building regulations, technological advancements, and the expertise of companies like 3DXB.