Panasonic Life Solutions India (PLSI)
Panasonic Life Solutions India (PLSI), one of the largest manufacturers of electrical construction materials (ECM) in the country, has launched Copapro FR an insulated Single Core wire to meet the diverse needs of both home and industrial wiring.

The flame resistance (FR) molecule, an addition to PVC insulation, aids in self-extinguishing when the source of fire is removed. The RoHS compliant wire is both user and environment friendly and protected against termites and rodents.

Crafted using the best PVC materials COPAPRO-FR PVC offers durability and longevity. The premium PVC insulation ensures outstanding performance with safer environment, ensuring that the wiring is reliable and functional for an extended period of time. PVC’s high insulation ensures less leakage of current and shock protection, and complies with IS 694 specifications.

Extra annealing increases flexibility, allowing for easier conduit laying. The 90-meter wire length ensures that there is enough material to finish wiring jobs without the need for splices or extensions, whether in a small household project or in a large industrial application.