Roto Banks High on India

Philip Coulin
Roto Frank Asia – Pacific Pte Ltd is an extended arm of the German door & window technologies major Roto Frank AG. With 12 production sites and over 40 branch offices all over the world, 4500 employees and almost €700m turnover, Roto is in a unique position to ensure its customers direct access to products, services, information and advice. Founded in 1935, the company has more than 1200 patents.

"Since 2011, Roto Frank Asia – Pacific Pte Ltd, has had a liaison office in India, to offer its ideal support to a growing customer base in the subcontinents' booming construction sector. Roto covers with its products the largest range of opening types for all profile materials in the industry. Be it premium aluminium, PVC, or timber, outward or inward opening, sliding, doors & windows, Roto has the right solution. In short, we are one of the world's largest manufacturers of window and door technologies," informed Mr. Philip Coulin, the company's Head Representative for Asia-Pacific region.

Roto Door Windows

According to him, Roto's offerings to the Asia-Pacific region comprise a range of products & services, which includes the ROTOi Aluminium window & door system. There are about 600 articles including profiles, accessories - cover caps, drainage slot caps, sealing gaskets, etc, and of course, German hardware, offering a wealth of options for every application. All are synchronized for optimum performance and adaptability," added Mr. Coulin.

"With such a huge products bouquet, we are targeting fabricators for our hardware, and are approaching specifiers like architects, builders, and contractors with our complete windows," informed Mr. Coulin adding that recently the company has added the ROTOiE window & doors system in its offering for the Indian market. "We have been selling the thermal broken ROTOi system in China for the last eight years, and have now decided to introduce this in India this year but without the thermal break, as it is usually not required in warmer climates," he said.

The ROTOiE Inowa

In addition, Roto has launched a revolutionary window & door system that comes loaded with a bundle of features. The ROTOiE Inowa is an inline - sliding system that has four-side locking, and has passed a wind load test of -8.5 and +9.2 kPA, while the water tightness of the same system achieved 1500 PA. Tightly sealed and easy to use, this window system brings maximum impermeability and security for sash weights of up to 200Kg and even more in the future. Loaded with patents, this is the superior inline sliding system in its price category, and is positioned below lift & slide system.

"Properly insulated windows & doors help to conserve energy and energy-efficiency is a big topic here in India. Most of the energy created, is wasted because of bad insulation. Windows & doors play a significant role, as up to 30% of the energy consumed by a building – through heating or cooling – can evaporate through these openings because of the discrepancy in the system and its installation. There is a large potential for cost saving there," noted Mr Coulin.

In Aluminium, we can do a complete system for all opening types that may include inward/outward operable, top hung, sliders – lift & slide and tilt & slide. The advantage of using our window system is that since we are the manufacturer of the whole system, we have the control of the measurements of all the components and can match all the accessories and hardware to make them a perfect fit with the profiles.The best window or door allows the gaskets to seal the gap between sash and frame at the ideal compression rate. A system that can achieve this will have the best sound and thermal insulation. This is ideally achieved with adjustable locking points all around the sash, like in a tilt & turn or the Inowa.