Ankur Mehta, Founder & Chairman, Crescent Lighting, discusses the company’s growing portfolio of lighting products and in-house manufacturing capabilities, and shares insights on lighting outdoor spaces using various lighting products.

Please tell us about Crescent Lighting the company.

Crescent Lighting is India’s vertical integrated LED manufacturing company, offering Made in India products of world-class quality for residential, commercial, industrial, architectural, and outdoor application. With 15 years of experience in the lighting industry, Crescent is now one of the market leaders in providing lighting solutions with a localized ecosystem, handpicked vendors, in-house research & testing, and indigenous manufacturing using advanced technology.

The company boasts the widest range of products, with over 400 in-house moulds and a production capacity of 4 lakh pieces per month. Our four manufacturing units located in Surat and Mumbai are equipped with 120k CPH machines and in-house driver facilities. The total manufacturing capacity annually is 5.5 million units. We introduce no less than 15 innovative products every year.

India’s vertical integrated LED manufacturing company
Crescent lighting products offer innovative designs and craftsmanship along with energy-saving solutions for India’s electrical and climatic conditions. Crescent products have proven 10% higher lumens, with no lumen devaluation after ~30,000 hours, while aesthetically designed heatsinks offer excellent thermal conductivity and electrical insulation.

Ankur Mehta

What are the key features of Crescent products?

Crescent has always strived to provide innovative designs and craftsmanship in lighting designs along with energy-saving solutions. Our lighting products are designed for Indian electrical and climatic conditions as per international quality standards, which has earned Crescent the BIS (Bureau of Indian Standards) certification.

Crescent products have proven 10% higher lumens than any other products, with no lumen devaluation after around 30,000 hours (as per the LM80 Certification). Use of high-quality polycarbonate does not allow yellowing of the product, nor do they become brittle, resulting in their long life. Aesthetically designed heatsinks offer excellent thermal conductivity and electrical insulation, which are significant factors in heat transfer.

Crescent Lighting is India’s vertical integrated LED manufacturing company

In which regions is the brand currently present and what is its distribution network?

We are present in nearly all cities and states across India, and we now aim to extend our reach to Tier IV cities, which have a population of approximately 50,000 to 3 lakhs. To achieve this, we plan to establish direct dealerships in these areas. Our robust system and world-class products have helped the company establish a wide network of 1200 dealers nationwide, and our goal is to significantly expand this number to 15,000, ensuring a broader and more inclusive presence across the country. Last month, our company actively participated in an event in Dubai and is now eagerly anticipating the establishment of a network in the Middle East over the next two years.

Our time-tested supply chain and logistics ensure fast, secure, and timely deliveries. Our marketing and sales team located all over India, ensure the highest level of customer satisfaction, and maintain a minimum customer complaint rate. As per our records, Crescent has received less than 1% replacements so far. 

How does Crescent differentiate its brand from competitors in the market?

Crescent boasts one of the largest manufacturing facilities, a feat that typically takes other companies 4-5 years to achieve. What also makes us stand out is our commitment to consistently delivering both quality and quantity. Crescent’s electrical products are manufactured in our own factory, eliminating the need for dependency on external vendors – a unique advantage we have over other companies. We undertake Research and Development (R&D), manufacturing, assembling, and forward integration; this comprehensive approach distinguishes us from others in the industry.

Recognizing the challenges in power supply, especially in the Indian market, we design products that require low maintenance while offering extended warranties. This strategy not only addresses prevalent issues but also ensures that our products are cost-effective, making them a first choice for consumers.

How can lighting transform outdoor spaces?

The art of transforming outdoor spaces involves creativity, functionality, and ambiance, a key element of which is lighting. Beyond its practical aspects, strategically placed lights can accentuate the aesthetic appeal of the surroundings, accentuate architectural features, and highlight landscaping elements, setting the mood for various activities. Whether you have a sprawling garden, a cozy patio, or a spacious deck, thoughtful placement of lights can transform these spaces into visually stunning extensions of your home.

Selecting the right lighting fixtures is crucial to achieving the desired ambiance. A mix of different fixtures such as pathway lights, wall sconces, string lights, lanterns, fairy lights, wall lights, post lights, poll lights, bollards, focus lights, and spotlights help create a layered and dynamic lighting scheme. Carefully placed pathway lights enhance the landscape while serving a practical purpose by illuminating walkways and ensuring safety during evening hours. LED bulbs give energy efficiency and longevity. Solar-powered lights are also eco-friendly as they harness the power of the sun to illuminate outdoor spaces while reducing your environmental impact.