Pankaj Lidoo, Managing Director, Landmark Crafts Pvt. Ltd., discusses the company’s foray into self-drilling screws and fasteners, and its HP brand’s growing value in meeting demand across industries and projects.

the production of self-drilling screws and fasteners

Please give a brief background of Landmark Crafts Pvt. Ltd. and its growth over the years.

The company ventured into the production of self-drilling screws and fasteners on seeing their potential in India, when, during the mid-90’s, colour coated sheet profiles began to trend. But the necessary screws and fasteners were not available in our country, barring a handful of manufacturers.

These self-drilling screws and fasteners were being imported from abroad at an exorbitant rate. We started by importing screws from Taiwan, but after gaining the technical know-how on their design and manufacturing process, we began producing them in India. We invested heavily in R&D to come up with even better screws as regards their quality and durability so that they could meet India’s diverse climatic and various project site conditions.

Today, Landmark Crafts Pvt. Ltd. is positioned as one of the largest manufacturers of Self Drilling Screws, Aluminium Blind Rivets, and Dry Wall Screws under the HP brand and dry wall screws under our new brand Screwmaster.

We have three manufacturing units equipped with the latest machineries in Panchkula (Haryana), where they are producing Self Drilling Screws, Aluminium Blind Rivets and Dry Wall Screws.

How does the company ensure consistent quality of its products?

The products manufactured by Landmark Crafts Pvt. Ltd. are of world-class standard. Our long-standing relationship with our sourcing company in Taiwan has led to a symbiotic exchange of technical know-how and subsequently our in-house expertise in this product category.

We are committed to meeting our customers’ specific requirements and ensure timely delivery. We undertake continuous training and adopt new technologies from time to time to bring greater efficiency in our production lines and to maintain the high quality of the end-products.

Landmark Crafts Pvt. Ltd.
It gives us immense satisfaction to be seen as a home-grown company contributing to the development of India’s infra and real estate projects with our portfolio of world-class screws and fasteners.

Pankaj Lidoo

What are the application areas of self-drilling screws?

Initially, the self-drilling screws were used in specific applications such as in pre-engineered buildings (PEBs) and in air handling units (AHUs); hence, the range was limited. Over the years their application has increased immensely, which has led to increased scope for applications, higher demand, and production of a diverse range of screws, including fasteners.

Fasteners are used basically in iron and steel structures, however, various types of screws and fasteners are now being designed for different applications and mediums, such as for wooden structures and for concrete applications.

The brand HP was conceptualized through its predecessor in interest (Landmark Engineers) in the year 1995. It was in the year 1999 that the company’s customers started associating the products with the brand. Landmark Crafts Pvt. Ltd. is ISO 9001:2015 certified, and is also rated SME-1 by CRISIL and accredited by D&B D-U-N-S. The company is located at Anand Industrial Estate, Mohan Nagar, Ghaziabad. It has 3 manufacturing units located in Panckula, Haryana.

What services does the company provide its customers?

We have 12-13 marketing offices in different cities where our sales and service teams are ever ready to check any complaint by a customer at project site and provide an immediate solution. Apart from this, we organize workshops for fabricators where we give demonstrations of our products for their understanding of our products and their applications, and also for upskilling them. We identify upcoming projects and the gaps in various industries, and accordingly guide them on how to approach these potential areas with timely application of our products.

Who are your major clients?

We are catering mainly to the retail market but are also associated with some government organizations like BHEL (with whom Landmark Crafts Pvt. Ltd. has a longstanding association of close to 20 years), the Indian Railways, and are suppling our products to metro projects all over the country. Currently, we have a market share of 30% in our product category.

the production of self-drilling screws and fasteners

What are your plans to further grow the company, going forward?

Our focus now is on improvising and expanding our product range through innovations and adoption of newer technologies. We are also considering increasing our production capacity to meet the rising demand in view of the numerous infra and real estate projects coming up across the country.

We are also looking at entering new markets that have different product requirements. For example, in regions of Himachal Pradesh and Jammu and Kashmir, the demand is more for wood based applications, while in coastal regions that experience salt-laden humidity, and regions that experience heavy rainfall for longer durations, the demand is for products that are anti-corrosive. To meet such varied demand, we customise our products and thereby ensure complete customer satisfaction and trust, which enhances our brand value.