Cost Effective Structural Glazing Tapes

Structural Glazing Tapes
Structural glazing tapes are a small, but integral component in the saga of glazed architecture that is unfolding in India today. Joining systems have been a critical area in structural glazing ever since the advent of this form of construction. While silicone adhesives have become the norm as a bonding material, these have problems mainly because they need considerable curing time during which the arrangement cannot be disturbed. Regular assembling methods like rivets, screws and welding do not have the required strength for structural glazing. Structural glazing tapes solve these problems and are emerging as an alternative bonding method for structural glazing construction.

Ajit Industries is a leading player in the country for these acrylic foam adhesive tapes.

Their GHB range of adhesive tapes allows for faster assembly and achieves immediate handling strength as soon as they are applied. They cost less than silicone adhesives and allow for more flexibility in design. These tapes can achieve all the critical functions demanded of a joining system for structural glazing—weathering resistance, water resistance and strength. Moreover, they are easy to assemble and apply, saving time and labour costs. They have high tolerance for thermal variation and are resistance to UV, chemicals and temperature extremes. They are corrosion resistant and act as a good seal for water, moisture and dust. They also damp vibration and absorb impact. Most importantly, these tapes can bond a variety of materials covering most metals, plastics, glass, composites and painted surfaces.

Structural Glazing Tapes
In addition to glazing, these tapes can be used for a variety of signage applications. Permanent fixing of light fixtures to side panels, fixing of acrylic letters to aluminium or composite facia, mounting of automobile emblems and mouldings and profiles, fixing of sheet metal linings, installation of interior design features and metal section in façade construction are some of the many uses acrylic adhesive tapes can be put to.


Ajit Industries offers a range of high bond tapes for a variety of glazing applications.

GHB 200 Structural Glazing Tape is a 2.03 mm thick pressure sensitive double side acrylic adhesive tape for bonding glass to painted and unpainted metal. The adhesive is acrylic and acrylic foam is the adhesive carrier. This is a grey coloured tape and is lined with red PE film.

GHB 110 and GHB 150 Curtain Wall Tapes are 1.10 mm and 1.50 mm thick respectively. These are used for binding composite aluminium panels to various painted and unpainted metal structures. The striking feature of this range is its excellent temperature resistance. Also an acrylic tape in an acrylic foam carrier, both products are available in grey and clear colours with red or white PE film as the liner.
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