Dr. Fixit Raincoat Coool
Dr. Fixit, the construction and the waterproofing expert, from the house of Pidilite Ind Ltd, has come up with Dr. Fixit Raincoat Coool – a pioneering new product that provides waterproofing and insulation. According to the company, this is the first such product available in the Indian market, where the coating serves as a complete solution - waterproofing as well as insulation - that prevents dampness and seepage and also keeps the house cool during the summers, by reducing temperature up to 8 degrees. Furthermore, it provides a superior sheen, substituting the need for exterior paint.

Dr. Fixit Raincoat Coool comes in pastel shades, enhancing the beauty of buildings, and is formulated to adapt to surface elongation and contraction. It is resistant to efflorescence and increases the life expectancy of a building’s exteriors.

Sanjay Bahadur Pidilite
Mr. Sanjay Bahadur, Global CEO- Construction Chemicals Division, Pidilite Industries Ltd. said, "Modern construction is susceptible to seepage in the monsoon. Premium exterior paints have very limited capability to withstand the lashing of the rain. What is required is a high performance coating. The specially-formulated Dr. Fixit Raincoat Coool provides complete waterproofing while at the same time its heat-deflecting properties keep the house cool."

According to him, for proper and correct application of the product, Pidlite has trained Waterproofing applicators on the usage of these products. "Dr. Fixit will also provide a preview of the building in question in three different shade combinations, which will help customer pick the shade of his/her choice."