Julie Engineer
Julie Engineer, Marketing Manager - Clarke & Clarke
Animal designs play a big part in Home Interiors for 2018, with large designs and lots of expressive colour incorporating luxury velvets. These fabrics can be complemented with subtle metallics in various shades of gold, copper and pewters.

Another popular 'go to' fabric this year will be the fabulous 3D quilted velvet fabric, providing a 'luxury' look for upholstery.

Folklore designs with a modern twist are prevalent again this year and prove very popular.

The pretty 'English Garden' look with botanical leaf trails, always remains in vogue and features again in 2018.

The 'Contract' furnishing side has taken on a new approach and become more 'out there' being more dramatic and less conventional with colour and designs.

I am sure that this year, we will be seeing lots of ultra-violet - the newly announced Pantone colour of 2018. It is certainly an optimistic and empowering shade and also follows the fashion trends.