The Furniture Fittings industry is an emerging market in India. Consumers are now moving towards quality furniture fittings and are increasingly seeking out global design trends for their kitchen cabinets and other living room furniture units Nadeem Patni, Managing Director, Blum India

The global design trends in furniture fittings have largely influenced the Indian market. Digital mediums have become a powerful source for bringing in knowledge of these trends. While interior designers and architects study international trends and modify them to fit Indian tastes, dealers and distributors attend international trade shows to change the consumption of Indian consumers.

Blum: Innovative and High-Tech Fittings

The latest smart home trends show that consumers are ready for technologies like Blum’s SERVO-DRIVE smart concept, an innovative solution that brings voice control to furniture. It works with a simple command to effortlessly open and close the furniture.

Dark colours are trending; they radiate sophistication and elegance. Since the colour scheme of the whole furniture should be displayed on the hardware, dark colours need not be confined to cabinet fronts only.
Nadeem Patni, Managing Director, Blum India
There is an awareness amongst Indian consumers on the difference that quality fittings can make to their furniture

Nadeem Patni

Blum will soon be introducing MERIVOBOX – a drawer system, which allows customization and easy installation. The focus is on the platform idea, the design, function, and advantages to the manufacturers. Next in line is myLEGRABOX - a self-design drawer that allows customization with special coatings, eye-catching stamping, and unique prints.