Euramax Architectural

Euramax Architectural
Euramax is a premium Coil coating specialist that supplies pre-coated aluminium to roof and façade manufacturers world-wide. Euramax' mission is to colour the world, through inspiring the people who design and build our worlds, like architects, designers and constructors. Our coil coated surfaces blend aesthetic choice and environmental friendliness.

The number of colours and designs Euramax offers is enormous. Besides the standard products in almost every colour and quality, we offer a differentiating range of design coatings. These provide pre-coated aluminium with new perspectives and open up a tray of possibilities for architectural projects. Euramax offers more when it comes to colour, for a minimum order of 1500 m2 we can develop any new colour or design you wish.


AnoMax is a range of premium finishes matched to the EURAS anodizing standards. Next to the EURAS anodizing standards varying from silver to black, it is also possible to develop your personal project specific anodised colour. AnoMax comes with the benefits of pre-coated aluminium and offers you a price attractive alternative to real anodized material. Other advantages for architects and constructors are flexibility for bending and (roll-) forming, batch to batch colour equality, colour stability and dirt retention.

Euramax Architectural

Project "De Kameleon" in Amsterdam (The Netherlands) is a housing block including a shopping centre. It is a typical example of where the advantages of pre-coated aluminium exceed the use of real anodised material. The aluminium facades consist of the AnoMax colours gold, silver and bronze to create a magnificent colour palette with a contrasting effect. For the architect not only the visual aspect was decisive but also the economic price, superior quality, warranty and batch to batch colour equality.

Euramax Architectural


EuraMica is designed to attract attention. Mica pigments in the top coat reflect their own colour, but also allow the base coat to be seen. This reflection and refraction causes a fascinating colour variation that changes upon viewing angle and incidence of light.

Euramax Architectural Shade Card

The Culture Centre in Shanghai (China) is one of four permanent pavilions for the World Expo 2010. The building has won several Architectural design awards. The Culture Centre's cladding consists of nearly 30.000 triangular-shaped XXL honeycomb panels. The pearlescent, high-gloss EuraMica finish in Pearl White gives the building a crisp, fresh exterior. Especially at night, the light reflection makes the Culture Centre a mystifying landmark.

Euramax Architectural


AluNatur is an almost unlimited range of (semi-) transparent coatings applied on Brushed or Transparent Lacquering (TL) aluminium surfaces, highlighting the natural beauty of aluminium. Colours may vary from fully transparent up to semi-transparent pigmented colours, like champagne, titanium, gold etc.

Euramax Architectural

"La Scarabee" is an Entertainment centre in Roanne (France) which has a magical appearance due to its building shell made of AluNatur New Gold Brushed aluminium.

Euramax Architectural

EuraZinc Pro

EuraZinc is a unique self-weathering zinc finish in pre-coated aluminium. Zinc particles in the topcoat allow the coating to change over time from an initial light grey finish to a dark and natural weathered zinc finish. EuraZinc saves over 60% of weight in comparison to real zinc and is more price attractive. On top of this, EuraZinc allows you to fully exploit the cladding versatility of pre-coated aluminium. Whether you choose for aluminium composite panels, insulated panels or trapezoidal profiles; all are new combinations re-inventing and re-shaping the possibilities of zinc.

EuraZinc Pro

The innovations presented in this article are only the tip of the iceberg. Visit us at Roof India Exhibition 2012 Stand D33 for more inspiration!
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