residential and commercial exterior surface with Loom Clad

Synonymous with outdoor luxury lifestyle, Loom Crafts, which is a Delhi-based player set up in 2005, currently enjoys countless patrons from India and abroad. In fact, it gives an innovative and new dimension to residential and commercial exterior surface with Loom Clad, which is the first of its kind exterior aluminum cladding solution in India. Engineered to meet the highest quality standards, the concept innovated by Loom Crafts, is poised to revolutionize the building construction code in India. Loom Clad not just upgrades the exteriors with stylish finishes and protects against rigors of weather but also acts as an active insulator, said Managing Director, Rahul Jindal.

Dwelling in details, he added that the product is manufactured from extruded aluminum with 100 years guarantee, Loom Clad inherits environment-friendly features as well as exceptional strength and durability owing to the technologically advanced manufacturing process.
residential/commercial exterior surface with Loom Clad
Since Loom Clad is a composition of naturally occurring aluminum; it neither degrades nor degenerates thereby making it a permanent solution and an asset in the long run with its solid metal value that ensures luxurious finish year after year, he said adding that Loom Clad is the most contemporary aluminum based permanent cladding that saves both time and money. Owing to its lightweight, Loom Clad is easy to install and can even be conceptualized according to the available architecture. Displaying exceptional strength and durability, Loom Clad is an ideal option for achieving a timeless luxurious finish that outperforms expectations.

As it is available in an array of textures and colors, Loom Clad offers pure polyester powder coats and finishes with 15 years warranty in a range of 20 solid hues and the world’s only natural wooden finish palate in 8 exclusive options. Owing to the technically innovated features like; lightweight, weatherproof and super simple self-locking system that aligns perfectly, Loom Clad with its five exclusive profile installation options is versatile for all kinds of installations ensuring elegant aesthetics and bespoke durability. It apart from meeting a wide range of architectural applications has skillfully been fabricated for all kind of building structures including, commercial, residential and re-cladding of existing buildings. Moreover, ergonomically designed, Loom Clad can also be customized and installed as demanded by the customers.