96 Iconic Tower, Colombo

96 Iconic Tower, Colombo

Project at a Glance
Type: Mixed Use
Height: 342 meters
Location: Colombo, Sri Lanka
Scope: Architecture + Interiors + Master Planning

Designed by ARK, 96 Iconic Tower is an engineering marvel, dedicated to the Sri Lankan Victory in the 1996 Cricket World Cup.

Located at Colombo, the building facade is designed with a ball balanced between four bats to commemorate the achievements of the Sri Lankan cricketers with signature residential along with Indoor Cricket Facility, Hall of Fame, Museum, observatory and Specialty Revolving Restaurant. The mixed-use project is an amalgamation of residential units with retail outlets and public space.

The project will be constructed in a joint venture between Wills Realtors (Private) Limited and the Shreepati's Edifice (Private) Limited, and is slated to be completed by 2019.

Structural Design

As the name suggests, the tower is 96 storeyed, with varied spaces such as the Basement Level--a covered parking lot which houses the lift lobby for commercial floors, theatre and the restaurant. The Lower Ground Level is also a covered parking lot with a vehicular drop off point on the South side of the tower, and the ticket counter for the 360° Observatory (Level 92) and Sri Lankan Cricket Legends Museum (Level 93).

Retail outlets spread over an area of 4483 sq. m on the Ground Level, along with an entrance lobby on the East side for the restaurant, theatre, and escalators going down to the 360° Observatory Ticket Counter. On the North side of the plot, a ramp and a stairway lead to a 4.5m level that acts as a separate entry for the residents. The lobby consists of 4 elevators for the residents and 2 elevators for domestic help, leading to the residential lobby (Level 6). A 10m wide vehicular ramp leads the residents to the parking levels (Level 6 to Level 12).

Level 1 to Level 3 consists of retail outlets that spread over an area of 3783 sq. m. 6 elevators cater to the retail and theatre levels. 18 escalators provide smooth circulation in the retail area. Level 3 hosts the 360° Observatory exit.

96 Iconic Tower Interior

A 6 screen multiplex with a seating capacity of 1420 people is spread across Level 4. Separate elevators are provided for the night show exit. Level 5 is allocated commercial spaces for office use with four offices of 770 sq. m each. Level 6 is a covered parking for the residents with vehicular drop off point and the residential lobby. The level hosts 9 elevators for residents and their guests, and 3 elevators in the service core for domestic helpers.

Residents parking is located between Level 7 to Level 12. Level 13, 20, 35, 50, 65, 78, 91 are designed as service floor with meter rooms, break-pressure tanks, and pumps. The entertainment deck with an up-to-date library, indoor games, swimming pool, business center, jogging track, toddler's area, and outdoor play area, are situated on Level 14. Level 15 to Level 49 host 8 residential apartments per floor of either 3 BHK or 4 BHK. Level 51 to Level 64 host 8 residential apartments per floor of 4BHK.

96 Iconic Tower Entertainment Deck

96 Iconic Tower Colombo Cricket Academy

The entertainment deck with lounge and coffee shop, gymnasium, spa, out-doors yoga and a sky deck is situated on Level 66. Level 67 to Level 90 host 4 residential penthouse apartments of 4 BHK. The 360° Observatory, open to non-residents, is located on Level 92. Level 93 hosts the Sri Lankan Cricket Legends Museum. Level 94 and Level 95 hosts, a revolving restaurant offering a panoramic view of the city of Colombo. An Indoor Cricket Training Academy is located on Level 96.

Despite the various uses and users stacked vertically, each has been provided individual and independent functioning. Designated parking areas, different access elevators and lobbies, and independent services ensure minimal overall between the different users. The 96 Iconic Tower has a total of 34 elevators, including two double-decker elevators for the observatory. The elevator speeds vary from 4m/s to 8 m/s.

Green Elements

96 Iconic Tower Colombo

The architectural firm ARK believes that the infrastructure of a high-rise should enable it to be self-sufficient in terms of its basic energy requirements. The idea behind using alternate energy sources is to make the project self-sustainable. In fact, in case the structure is capable to generate additional units, the advantage can be passed on to the smaller establishments in the vicinity or to the grid itself. Wind turbines have been incorporated and the glass dome that houses the indoor cricket academy has photovoltaic cells which also generate electricity. The multi-storey parking façade and natural atmospheric pressure are to be used to lower the temperature of the water for the air-conditioning plant instead of using large fans.

Backed by the Sri Lankan government, 96 Iconic Tower designed by ARK promises to be a landmark structure standing tall in Colombo's skyline.
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