TCS Garima Park, A LEED Gold Rated IT Campus

TCS Garima Park Gandhinagar

Located in Gandhinagar, the design of the software centre (Tata Consultancy Services Garima Park) is based on the single workstation unit and its need for optimal light. Everything revolves around the workstations housed in the central block. Ten thousand are accommodated; the design allows 20% more workstations without the need for an additional building. Two support blocks flank the central main block. Containing stairs, toilets, services, as well as lecture rooms, auditorium, conference rooms and reception; the support blocks are located to be conveniently close to the workstations. The west block contains administration and management departments with a multipurpose hall; the east block has a canteen and being on the east side will remain cool. Outside the canteen is a moat that can serve as a small amphitheatre. Locally available stone is used on the banded facades and for flooring.

TCS Gandhinagar

Project Title : Tata Consultancy Services Ltd
Building Use : Software Development Centre
Location : Gandhinagar, Gujarat
Size : 13,87,400 sqft
Rating System : LEED INDIA NC v1.0
Certification Level : GOLD
Owner : Tata Consultancy Services Ltd
Architect : Snehal Shah with Engineering Design and Research Centre (Larsen & Toubro)

TCS Software Development Centre

Describing the design features of the software centre, the architectural firm 'Snehal Shaw Architects' who have designed the project stated, "We divided the functional program into two: 10,000 workstations made up a central block, with all other activities gathered in two support blocks: reception, conference rooms, training centre, library, canteen, and gymnasium. The support blocks are located to the east and west of the central block. Daylight needs to be brought inside. We wanted a building where artificial light is minimised and each workstation operates without glare.

TCS Gandhinagar Gujarat

To maximise good-quality light, we designed glass facades with undulations that cast shadows on one side. To the north, the undulations are shallow, and on the south they are deep, reducing glare. Glare is further cut by a brise-soleil over the roof, on the south being as long and deep as 7 m and on the north 4 m. The overhangs and convex and concave, clear, hermetically-sealed glass curves ensure good light.

Software Development Centre in Gujarat

We took into account climatic principles, which order location, orienta- tion and other site considerations'. The direction of entry and placement of the main block in the centre and the location of other functions correspond to our design of a previous building for this company. From practical design experience, we know that vastu works well: the building follows vastu principles and is also perfectly attuned to Ahmedabad's climate. An additional 20% of workstations can be added without the need for a new building. These would be accommodated on mezzanine floors in the east block."
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